Thursday Treats: Photo Shoots, Countdowns & Going to Real Life Weddings

PDX workshop (6)

Photography: Made U Look Photography

This week has been a pretty exciting one. Gareth and I kicked it off by shooting with the wonderful babes at Things & Ink magazine who are running a feature on us. It was such a fun day and I can’t wait to see – and share – the results with you. We’re going to be in the next issue which is out in May so there’s really not too long to wait either! It was so lovely doing a shoot with Gareth (he’s never usually included in such things!) and to revisit some of the old haunts that we used to hang out when we first started dating.

Other than that I’ve been working non-stop on the next issue of my own magazine, collaborating with (you can see their feature on me here and my top picks from their website on their homepage today!) whilst also plugging away at couple of other exciting projects which I’m really not allowed to say anything about yet…Sorry, I know it’s really annoying when bloggers say that!

The countdown for my next trip to the US for The Blogcademy has also very much begun (49 sleeps and counting – OK that sounds like ages but I’m still checking off each day mkay!?) I can’t bloomin’ wait to be in New York again and to visit Minneapolis for the very first time!

Oh, and one of my best friends is getting married this weekend! I’m so excited to actually be a guest at a real life wedding rather than just seeing the photos afterwards. But gosh, what the hell do I wear?!? I might need to make a stop off at Topshop later today. Hum…

So, how has your week been?

Weddings and Weddingy Things

♥ Cute swinging 60s wedding
♥ Daaamn, these guys have style!
Retro computer game save the date!
Urban LA wedding
Til death do us part engagement shoot
Posh and playful Seattle wedding
Boho Buckland House wedding

lisa devine photography

Photography:  Lisa Devine Photography

A touch of mexicana
Hello Kitty wedding dress! (disaster? Hell no, that’s awesome!)
Tips for choosing your wedding cake
A wedding with all things nerdy
♥ Strangeland engagement shoot
Stunning tropical wedding
Spirit of Beltane


Photography: Devlin Photos

Best of the Rest

♥ Just because it made me laugh…
Home décor porn. ONE DAY I will live in a grown up house like Elsie’s
♥ Great style ideas for small homes
♥ These portraits of Miss Korea 2013 contestants sparked a discussion on plastic surgery
♥ So poignant and sad: he took a polariod everyday until he died
♥ McDonald’s theory – so true!
♥ These removable wallpaper tiles are perfect for renters or the indecisive amongst you
♥ I have three words that will definitely get you excited: Pink. Flamingo. Dress.
♥ HURRAH! H&M shows a collection on a plus-size model and doesn’t make a big deal of it
♥ If you only click one link in today’s post let it be this one: a letter to myself about bullying

♥ Before giving his daughter away, this father had a few words he needed to say. This is one of the most touching speeches I’ve ever heard. Awww!

♥ Is this the greatest/most over the top proposal ever?!

Could men handle childbirth? A Dutch TV program had a brilliant idea: have men put on devices that simulate childbirth contractions and film the results.


  1. so glad Thursday treats has been back for the past couple of weeks! i need a little distracting to get me to the weekend!

  2. Post author

    Yey glad you enjoy it Melanie! Im gonna try my best to keep up with it while im on my various international jaunts cos I know you guys love it. Thanks for the comment. Means a lot!

  3. Claire

    love the bullying letter! If only I could have read it 10 years ago. I think we are way too hard on ourselves, dwelling on the negatives rather than the positives. I still struggle with this but it’s getting easier all the time. Well done Kat on another amazing post!

  4. I too love a bit of Thursday Treats with my afternoon cuppa. And thanks for the mention in the Folksy picks!

  5. Post author

    Claire – its such a good article isn’t it!?! One of those that when I read I thought “damnit I wish I wrote that!”

  6. I found the Korean article desperately sad – the girls look so much more attractive with their natural faces and happy expressions before their surgery cloning.


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