Business Bites: Being Weird Together

tomato salad

Photography: via Martha Stewart

Being friends with other bloggers is totally awesome. I was reminded of this just yesterday when I had a lunch date with the gorgeous Emily of Fashion Foie Gras, who I met at the Cosmopolitan Superbloggers Masterclass. It’s the same as when I hang out with Gala and Shauna (19 sleeps and counting!) because we don’t have to worry about feeling weird wanting to photograph our outfits or document our hang-out, talking through the benefits of twitter vs facebook or discussing the latest internet drama. To us this is all totally normal behaviour!

Being a blogger can be quite an isolating career path if you let it. If you work for yourself (especially if you’re at home on your own) I can’t encourage you enough to get yourself out there, make friends with your peers and all be weird together.

Have a fabulous weekend guys.

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  1. I love my fellow food blogger friends, although I’m not blogging full-time it is nice to have a few girls on the other end of facebook-twitter-instagram-phone to have a chat about what is going on. Meeting up is always a blast, like being part of a big family. Sure there is competition in blogosphere, but not between me and my blogger friends.
    It is also nice for the partner of a blogger to meet other partners of bloggers, they instantly start talking about the weird things we do 🙂 🙂


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