Business Bites: Giving Up Guilt

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It’s the same old song and dance. I got to Australia for our final leg of The Blogcademy 2013 tour in a little under two weeks (cue major freak out!) and so I’m spending most of my waking hours desperately trying to get as much blog content written and scheduled for while I’m away. This is no mean feat when you have at least two blog posts per day for three and a half weeks to do (not to mention the blog posts before I go as well!) ARGH.

So why, when I’m working so hard to get this done, do I still feel that stupid pang of guilt that I’m not doing more? There’s a big project that I really wanted to start on this month but I just haven’t had time… actually, that’s a lie, I could have found the time, I’ve watched plenty of crap TV in the evenings, but I haven’t had the mental capacity to do it!

I know I’m a crazy work obsessive and am always looking to push myself and Rock n Roll Bride to the next level but why can’t I just give myself a break already?

So I’ve decided that however much I really wanted to crack on with this project, it’s actually OK that I haven’t. The world will not end it it gets pushed back a little while!

However much you’re doing do you ever feel guilty that maybe it’s not quite enough? I think we all need to get over it.

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“Decide here and now that feeling guilty about what you have/haven’t achieved is a waste of your mental and emotional energy… use your energy reserves more wisely.  Instead of acting from guilt or obligation, choose your actions and reactions from a place of authenticity, knowing what your biggest values are and what definition of happiness you’re striving for.”

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Have a fab (relaxing!) weekend peeps.


  1. Nadine

    GOD, Kat – just what I need! I love what you say about having the time but not the mental capacity. I feel like I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into my business since 2008 and suddenly I’m just in a’meh’ kind of space about it where all I really want to do is go to Fiji and be waited on hand and foot! I know it will pass, I do love my job and I understand the cycle of ups and downs . . . On the plus side, I can’t wait to hang out with you in Auckland NEXT MONTH! I’m gagging to show you girls my beautiful country.

  2. Totally with you. I am constantly beating MySQL up that I’m not doing enough. I have at least 3 big projects I have been trying to start but normal blogging, email and general life duties get in the way. I know they will get done, BUT I also need a life, time with my man, my friends and my family.
    I’ve learnt alto this year and that me time is as important as the blog.
    sometimes we are way to hard on ourselves and sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break!

  3. Em

    Got some Rock Glory head gear today – A +++++ rocking my socks off tonight with it (Not a wedding but hey who cares!)

  4. I’m always guilty, with running the 2 businesses and having 3 children, my life is one big guilt fest! It’s not unusual for me to work till 2am just so I can spend the morning with my daughter. When I have a deadline I have to meet it, even if it does mean I’ll work silly hours. But I always try to “reward” myself with time off the following day. But rather this then going to work 9-5 at an office, been there, done that…


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