Business Bites: Get Over It and Get It Done

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Late one night this week, as I was battling the jet lag and working way past 3am, I was simultaneously having an email conversation with Paul Jarvis: web designer, writer and all round awesome dude, If you haven’t obsessed over Paul’s work yet by the way, where have you been?

Anyway he sent me a copy of his latest book, Everything I Know, and while flipping through it I was met with an uneasy feeling of dread. It wasn’t dread knowing I had to read it (I promise!) it was an impending feeling that I’m not sure if I’ll ever match up. I haven’t said this publicly anywhere before but next year my grand plan is to write and publish a business book. ARGH.

I’ve been procrastinating on the whole thing for months because I’m shit scared. Scared that it’ll be rubbish, scared that people will point and say things like “What the hell does she know” and scared that I’ll tell you all about it and then never actually get it done.

Paul replied with possibly the best piece of advice I’d received all year, “Get over it and get it written” he said. And so that’s what I’m going to do.

So let’s all be honest with each other today. It is seriously scary to share your plans in public, especially if you’re not really sure if you have the ability to follow through, but let’s be brave and do it together. If I can share then you certainly can do. So tell me, what have you been procrastinating over recently? What do you need to get over and just get done?


And here are some of the business articles I’ve read and enjoyed while procrastinating this week.

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“People don’t care about your product. Your “service offering.” Your promotions. Your stupid launch. Those things are about you. So how do you sell yourself if you can’t make it about you? And the answer is this: IT ISN’T ABOUT SELLING PEOPLE. IT’S ABOUT SEEING THEM.”

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This weekend, I challenge you to crack on with that big project that you’ve been putting off. I’m going to too, promise.



  1. YES!!! Announcing something publicly is a great way to hold yourself accountable (I do it all the time). Sign me up for the first copy of the book, I can’t wait to read it.

    And what you described above is what I feel too when I read the likes of Pressfield, Altucher or Godin 🙂

  2. You might not think you will write as well as the people you admire or that anyone will be interested but I can tell you now, there are people who admire you and will learn from you. We all operate on different levels, do what you can and there will be a market for it.

  3. I have been hugely procrastinating over advertising my brand. I´s been growing slowly slowly for two years now by word of mouth and I am so scared that if I advertise somewhere really fab (like rock n roll bride) I´m going to get too many enquires to cope with and I´m going to become a blithering mess within a week. So i haven’t advertised. I have been saying I will for over a year and now I am scared I never will and then I am scared my business will NEVER be what I want it to be. hmphhhhhhhh but thanks Kat for the virtual push! You have balls!

  4. Post author

    Lisa that is crazy! You can’t stop progress! And, hell, if you get too many enquiries put those prices up, thats a GOOD problem to have. Stop being scared and DO IT!

  5. Nadine

    Put me on the list for your book! I’ve learnt so much from your Green Room posts, I can’t wait to read it. Good on you, girl!

    Here’s my piece of brutal honesty: I’m scared I don’t have the ability to balance all the different areas of my life in order to achieve all that I want to do. I was at the Auckland Blogcademy 2 weeks ago and it blew me away! My mind is full of new and useful things I could be doing, but I’m fearful of the time commitment involved and how it might pull my energy and focus away from my husband, kids, home and job. What I need to do THIS WEEKEND is write and post my Blogcademy recap. That’s’ just ONE thing, and I know I can manage it. 🙂

  6. Perfect timing on this post!! Sometimes the exact message we need to hear is the most simple one: Shut up and just do it already!!! I think this time of year a lot of us are feeling this way as we begin to form our plans and goals for the New Year. Next year I want to push my blog to grow HUGELY and it’s kind of scary to admit because I might fail and it’s something that a lot of people I know personally don’t take that sort of goal seriously (that’s why internet friends are awesome!). Another goal I have is to run 2014 miles in 2014. That is massively terrifying because I have never run that much in my life and it will kick my butt…HARD. I haven’t publicly announced either of these goals yet, but I’m crafting a post for the New Year that will lay it all on the line. It’s terrifying/exhilarating/OMGWTFAMIDOING, but sometimes putting it all out there is the push you need to JUST DO IT!

  7. Ah yes and this is the very reason i do ‘nike+’ or runkeeper and publish on facebook when i’m going to go for a run (because I hate running) but if the world knows i’m about to do it……then i must finish it or look like a right plum by not doing it, or bailing out!
    Go for it! i’d buy it!

  8. Your timing could not be better!

    I’m relaunching in a direction that’s much more me, and have been procrastinating and delaying the final steps of getting the new site live for weeks. I’m so happy and really comfortable with the slight change of direction, but not making any big announcements about it has only made it easier to delay.

    Thank you Kat, you’ve given me the kick up the arse I needed to get shit done. I’m determined to have the bloody thing live within the week!

    I’ll certainly be in the queue for a book of your business wisdom (& will be ordering Everything I Know now too). X x

  9. “Get over it and get it done.” Oh my yes do I ever need to remember these words! I procrastinated for almost 3 years on starting a blog until Gala Darling finally gave me the best advice ever. Perfectionism is procrastination. I was still afraid of what people would think, and whether or not it would be any good and so on, but I finally went ahead and did it anyway. It’s so worth pushing past that fear!

  10. Kat, I seriously love your no nonsense business approach and I would 100% buy your book based on this. I also love how you share other inspiring business posts – that is how I also discovered Marie! Thanks again. How can I pre-order?! x

  11. Fab! It’s a pity you were overseas for so much of this month, or you could have used #NaNoWriMo as a double excuse to write (or start writing) your book! I’m always putting off writing (just personal writing, not for my business in my case) but it really forces you to get the hell on with it! However, with all you’ve succeeded you clearly have the drive, so I know you’ll be able to do it! x

  12. Looks like I should finally send my first ever wedding blog submission that I’ve been looking at for good two weeks now..
    Thanks Kat and good luck with your book you Superwoman!

  13. I honestly cannot explain how excited I instantly felt when I read that you’re going to be writing a book. That is beyond amazing!

    You are a massive inspiration to me and so many others. Meeting you earlier this month and hearing you speak at The Blogcademy has pushed me to do things I never thought I could. You NEED to write this.

    I’m so excited for you!


  14. Please write your book!!! Like you’re not going to now ;). But seriously, the world (and all the people who get SOOO much from your writing) needs your book. Waiting with anticipation.


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