Business Bites: Gratitude, Email & Education

Photography Credit: via The Raw Teacher

I wanted to introduce a links post in the same vein as Thursday Treats the Green Room, and so after umming & ahhing over the perfect name, I thought to hell with it, I’ll just keep it simple, cheesy and memorable. So behold Business Bites!

It also means I’ll get to drool over food porn in my hunt for an image to illustrate this article every week, but that’s just an added bonus.

Here are some of my favourite inspirational, informative and downright useful business related links that I’ve been mulling over this week. Enjoy!

♥ Can a photographer price his worth? (totally relevant to everyone)
♥ If you run your own business and you suck with email, read this nowWhy don’t people email you back?
♥ It’s important to to make note of when things go right
The downside of gratitude
♥ More college degrees?! What do YOU really want?

♥ What would you do if money didn’t matter?

Have you read anything really awesome or useful online this week? Feel free to share it below!


  1. Im so glad this What If Money Didnt Matter video is going around! Two of my friends have posted it on my FB wall, Ive posted it everywhere I possibly can and this is the third time today it has crossed my path 🙂 I think we should watch this every single morning until we truly find a way to follow our hearts and do what we are passionate about.

  2. That’s a great video – and a very true one.
    I’m at the point, where I have to figure out, which one of the endless I-probably-won’t-make-money-out-of-it possibilities to choose…

  3. Fabulous! I read the Jasmine article earlier this week, but I’ve now I’ve made a list of stuff that’s gone right, I’ve made a list of what I’m grateful for, I’ve subscribed to MarieTV and I’ve shared the video…. I am certain that I’m doing what I love and even though I do have tough times every now again, it is great blog posts like yours Kat, that help keep me on track and remember why I do it! Have a great weekend x

  4. I’ve learnt more from your green room Kat than I have spending £20,000 going to uni completing a business enterprise degree! LOOOOVEE ROCKNROLLBRIDE!

    Thank you so much! Can’t wait to start my handmade hair piece venture now 🙂


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