Business Bites: Being Hungry

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I’m hungry. I’ve been doing the Clean Program Refresh all week (more on this soon!) and whilst I initially moaned about being a little hungrier than usual, as I came to the end of the seven day programme I had a moment of clarity. In a metaphorical way, being hungry is undoubtedly a good thing. Hunger is what forces us to go out and make changes. Hunger is what encourages us to re-evaluate what we’re doing and if we’re on the right path. Hunger makes us long for something better and pushes us to achieve it.

I am hungry for change. To change how I do certain things and act in certain situations. I’m not perfect at this business stuff, but I’m doing my best. Muddling through in the best way I know how… Now please excuse me while I crack open this packet of biscuits to celebrate my amazing moment of clarity.

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♥ Did we exist before social media?

“A friend once told me that social media was like being at a party where everyone’s high on cocaine—they’re all talking at the same time and no one’s listening, all while trying to look good and sound smart.” Paul Jarvis

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♥ Attention wedding photographers: The amazing Lisa Devlin is now offering one on one training and it’s an utter bargain.


  1. Em

    I have to say Kat that I used to come to your blog for the weddings, but now I actually tend to skip them and come straight to the green room, you give great advice, and have the best links each week. Lovely to see you growing this side of the blog so much also! <3

  2. Post author

    Thanks Em, thats awesome to hear! I love the Green Room too (although I still love the weddings too of course!)

  3. Thanks Kat! I fucking love that cocaine quote… and have remembered it years after being told it 🙂


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