Business Bites: New Ideas and Brand New Adventures


You know that amazing feeling when you get a genius idea for a new project? That rush of excitement and the anticipation of getting really stuck in? Well I had that this week. I was sat in Austin airport about to catch my flight home and Shauna and I were gassing about the things we have coming up. It hit me like a bolt of adrenalin and we immediately started scribbling notes about how I can make it a reality…

And no of course I’m not going to share anything more just yet (blogger’s prerogative!) but I think those of you that love the Green Room will be particularly excited when you find out what it is (I hope!) That’s all I’m saying for now..!

Dreaming big! How I landed my dream job in a dream startup
♥ Here are some fantastic links if you want to give your blog a quick make over
We deserve the clients we get

“But the truth is, we deserve the clients we get. Bad clients aren’t the result of some cosmic force working against us, they’re more likely the result of our own actions.”

What to do when a client wants out of a contract
Lisa Devlin is about to launch The Barn, an online resources for wedding photographers. I’m so excited for her – and you!


  1. Love these posts so much, I always find something so useful! Loved that Dreaming Big link, chuffed cause I know Pierre as I work with Evernote as Healthy Living Ambassador. I didn’t even know all that about him! Off to drop him an email 🙂 Excited to hear about your new plans too x

  2. I love that New Idea jolt as well – the days during and surrounding The Blogcademy were filled with oh, about fifty of them!

    I keep a small journal in my purse, a large journal by my desk, and notebooks at my desks at work and home to capture them! So crucial to write them down as they arise. Because I WILL forget otherwise.

    Excited to see what this new idea of yours is! Xo

  3. Me too! I clicked on this particular post to read because it struck a chord with me: I had it very recently and it is slowly but surely changing my life… Luckily I have a very patient hubby! Can’t wait to see what’s afoot in R&RB! Xx

  4. Angi

    Sounds brill! I come to your blog for the business advice. Would be great to see something similar to the middle finger project. You and Ash are my go to people for business advice. A business hub for creative business would be amazing – will stay tuned x


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