If Music be the Food of Love…

Sarah Gormley Photography

February 22, 2013


This shoot, inspired by both vintage and vinyl elements was pulled together by wedding photographer Sarah Gormley. “I wanted to create a wedding shoot that would be relevant for passionate musicians on a tight wedding budget, so this vintage vinyl shoot features an array of DIY touches”, she writes. “For a guest book, we used silver sharpie pens on vinyl records, framed to make hangable mementos for the happy couple. We also took small black-rimmed DVDs and printed stickers for their center to make handmade vinyl-themed table number signs. As decoration for the bride and groom, we hung 3×3 black and white photos on an all-black clothesline.”


So what do you think? Would you ever had vintage records as part of your wedding decor? I love that although this shoot is described as having vintage elements, there’s also some bang up to date modern touches with the strong black & whit colour palate, and the model’s deep red lip. I approve!


Thank you to Sarah & her team for sharing today.



  1. Rick

    Lovely shoot; terrific photography and a great tribute with detail and styling. With all of this wonderful attention to detail though, curious as to why Marilyn’s hair and mole are backwards? MM’s hair always fell across her forehead to HER right eye and her mole was on HER left, so when we see photos her hair falls to the left and the mole on the right.

    Sorry to be so picky, but when going to this amount of work and detail, it just made me a little curious.

    Other than that, this is a sweet and beautiful tribute.

  2. Meg

    I think it would have been better if it were Marilyn and Joe instead of Arthur; who was her ultimate demise. He wasn’t her great love, Joe was and I think it would have been a far better tribute if they were used instead. Just my opinion. As a very big Marilyn fan, I do like the clothing and atmosphere but not the person he was taken after or tribute. I also agree that if you’re going to do a tribute, please be accurate, hair to left mole on right. True fans can be easily offended and very picky.

  3. stephanie

    I found these pictures while searching for Marilyn’s wedding to Miller, and it took me a few minutes to realize it wasn’t her! You look PHENOMENAL and what a lovely lovely wedding tribute! wishing you both a lifetime of happiness! (beautiful styling and photos, btw!)


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