Thursday Treats: January Has Been Kicking My Butt

January 10, 2013


Photography: Irving Penn for Vogue

January has been kicking my butt. I’m not going to lie, I’ve actually shocked myself with how much I’ve got going on this month. No sooner had we ticked over to the first day of the year and I was relaunching my website (thanks for all your feedback by the way – and to any of you who might have be experiences problems viewing the full site –  read this) announcing new dates for The Blogcademy, getting featured (and writing for!) Cosmopolitan … oh and planning a whirlwind trip to Paris with my BFFs (more on this soon!)

And then I realised, “Oh crap Gala & Shauna fly in NEXT WEEK for the London Blogcademy’s. HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO GET EVERYTHING DONE BEFORE THEN?!”

I’m not complaining of course. I’m so incredibly lucky to have so much going on, and I hate seeing “woe is me I’m so busy!” posts as much as the next person, but I’d be lying if I said I felt the next few weeks were going to be easy. But I’ll get it all done… I know I will.

So just a little heads up: for time that Gala & Shauna are here, I’ll be mostly offline and will be taking a brief hiatus from Thursday Treats & Business Bites. Don’t despair though, there will still be daily wedding content being published as well as Green Room goodness in abundance! Thursday Treats will be back on 7th February and Business Bites on 8th. Gosh, and then it’s almost Valentine’s Day!!

2013, slow down already!

Oh and before I forget – my first piece for Cosmopolitan was published this week. You can read my 2013 wedding trends predictions here. Thank you again Cosmo!

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Pool party wedding
♥ Laure de Sagazan’s wedding dresses are perfect
Nine things to do when you get engaged
♥ DIY winter wedding wreath (this version is also utterly gorge)
♥ Totally over the top (in a good way) wonderland-inspired wedding at Battersea power station
♥ Grey Likes Weddings’ favourite bouquets of 2012 are so so beautiful and this ombre one almost made me weep (check out the matching centrepiece too!)…
ombre bridal bouquet

Photography: Josh Elliott Photography Floral Design: Briana Maxson Floral Design

♥ Sweet forest wedding
Lovely retro elopement
Hobbit inspired wedding cake
♥ Figueroa Mountain farmhouse wedding
♥ Whimsical travel wedding
♥ Check out this AMAZING fibre optic wedding dress by Evey Clothing!

fibre optic wedding dress1

Photography: Dana Grant Photography

Sales & Events

♥ Elbie is the only hairdresser I trust with my barnet and she’s offering 15% off all cut & colour appointments until the end of February. Get in!

Best of the Rest

♥ Heat vs. Look: Magazinageddon 2013 – this seriously made me laugh out loud!
♥ How stunning does my friend La Carmina look in her latest editorial?
♥ After his mother died, this baby chimp was brought home by the zoo’s owners and swiftly adopted by the family dog who raised him as her own. AWWWW!
♥ Gala’s giving away a Clarisonic worth $200! – I’ve been debating getting one for a while… anyone else used one?
♥ Jamie’s London recommendations are awesome. I can’t wait to take Gala & Shauna to some of my favourite haunts in the city!
♥ Shauna’s article about her hometown of Portland in Computer Art’s magazine makes me so excited to visit in March!
♥ Motoi Yamamoto’s saltscapes – yes, landscapes made of SALT! – are just incredible
♥ This, hanging on my office wall, would make me work harder. Fact. (via apartment therapy)

unicorn taxidermy

So we launched the redesign of Rock n Roll Bride on Tuesday only to be usurped by David Bowie announcing a new album and single. I can’t help but feel our thunder got stolen (!) but David I forgive you because this song is PERFECT. Even the video is 80s deliciousness.

Tom from McFly got married recently and his speech was awesome! (fair warning: you my cry…)

Ruth shows us how to pose for photographs – model style!

Bengal cats love water!


  1. Hen

    Interesting article about the bride wearing her mum’s/grandma’s dress- I’ll be wearing my mum’s dress when I get married in August. It’s a bargain at the cost of a dry clean, really nice to have that continuity, and amazing how it fits perfectly, too. My mum had it tailor made in Eastern Germany in the 70s. And no, it doesn’t look like Kate’s 😉
    There is something nice about having your own dress as well, so for the evening I’ve bought a 1930s dress (a flea market find). I have to say, having read a number of your recent articles I am mighty glad I never even set foot in a bridal boutique.
    Anyone else wearing their mum’s dress? (or their nan’s?)

  2. i really love the bride in her mum and grandmas dress… i wish i could be as tiny as my mum AND grandma on my wedding day so i could wear either of their dresses, but i was blessed with curves hahaha!

    i also loved seeing the owl and the pussycat themed ideas… so cute!


  3. keeley

    well . . .i cant decide which is my fave part of this post… oh yes i can!! who knew a song with the words ‘even if i farted and followed’ through in could be so lovely?!?! haha and im not wearing my nannas dress! as much as i wouldve loved to as it was stuning, and similar to kates actually, but i am wearing a £75 vintage one form the 30’s and i cannot wait. bridal boutiques werent for me either! 😉 ahhh i think you deserve to have an award on your mantel piece! xx


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