Cosmopolitan Magazine ♥ Rock n Roll Bride (& I’m Not Afraid to Show Off About it)

I’ve been very lucky to have been featured in quite a few magazines since starting Rock n Roll Bride. But this is the biggie. The top of the tree. The one that makes you fall of your seat and pinch yourself – hard.


cosmopolitan mag rock n roll bride

I’m also mentioned on the cover! I did offer to be the cover star but they felt that Kimberley Walsh might shift more copies. I was assured I was a very close second choice though.

HUGE love and thanks to everyone at Cosmopolitan especially features writer Sophie, deputy editor Suzy (I featured her own wedding last year!) and picture editor Joan. I was photographed by Katie Hyams at Fur Coat No Knickers and Lou Barker was on hand to beautify my face.

In other Cosmo-related news, they’ve asked me to write a couple of pieces for them! I’ll be sure to hit you up with links when they’re published on their website. They’ve also asked me to do a webchat on 16th January at 1pm so if you have any burning blogging, business or wedding planning questions, set your alarms!

Cosmopolitan? More like Kat-opolitan (oh sheesh that was terrible).

The issue is in shops right now so to read the full feature, go out and grab yourself one. And for all you international babes you can grab yourself a digital copy instead. HURRAH!


  1. Congratulations, Kat, you’ve earned it! I guess the tough thing now will be to retain the uniqueness of the R&R brand while being featured in mainstream publications. I know you can do it though!

  2. Congratulations! Thanks fantastic! Without you I wouldn’t have found my wedding photographer (the wonderful Shell de Mar) and I still love reading your blog, despite getting hitched in 2011! Looking forward to seeing it when my subscription turns up 🙂 x

  3. Post author

    JoJo I actually randomly found them in urban outfitters in Vegas on sale for $15! They’re really high and not very comfortable though, strictly for photos only Haha !

  4. Erin

    This is awesome! Just curious, how do you make money running the blog? From advertisers? (I genuinely do not know). You’re an inspiration!

  5. maree

    Wowsers Kat, thats an awesome spread! Largesse congratulations to you and your rocking brand……an inspiration. Muchly you are.

  6. Congrats Kat. Bought a copy, loved ur feature! Cant believe how much you’ve achieved at just 28! Your comment about Kimberley Walsh shifting more copies made me chuckle. All the best.x

  7. Congrats Kat! It made made New Year when you mention “go custom made”! I am designing a capsule collection now and embracing your prediction of bling and short dresses!


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