Thursday Treats: I Think I’m a Christmas Scrooge

December 13, 2012

Dear reader I have a terrible confession and I hope you’ll still love me after I admit this but…

I think I’m a Christmas Scrooge.

I’m not a huge fan of Christmas trees (they make a mess), I don’t like turkey (too dry), Christmas pudding (gross) or mulled wine (vom)… BUT I do love glitter, tinsel, brussel sprouts (go figure), crackers (& the silly hats), snow and presents (giving and erm… receiving). HO HUM. I think maybe it’s the forced joyfulness. I’m generally a very joyful and positive person but I definitely don’t like being TOLD to be joyful!

I do however get VERY excited on Christmas morning. I’m always the first up in our house (5am is standard) but it’s the build up that bugs me. Maybe because in my shopping telly days the Christmas set went up in the first week of October and by December 25th I was sick of the sight of all things festive. I was actually exactly the same with the Royal wedding now I come to think of it. I was ‘well over it’ beforehand but on the morning of the big day I got up excitedly and watched the whole BBC coverage from start to finish squealing “I love weddings!” at every opportunity.

Are you nearly ready for Christmas? What do you like and not really like about this time of year (seriously, does anyone actually LIKE turkey?!)

In wedding-land this week it’s full steam ahead. As always there’s been some pretty epic weddingness and I wholeheartedly approve.

Weddings & Weddingy Things

♥ Orcutt ranch wedding
Cute Brooklyn wedding with a pregnant bride
Outdoor Spanish wedding (LOVE!)
♥ I loved Dita Von Teese’s purple wedding dress and his homage is gorgeous!
♥ Ryan & Joshua’s e-shoot is too cute
A weekend wedding in the country (& part two)
♥ Woodsy wedding 
♥ Intimate backyard harvest wedding

Photography Credit: Joey Kennedy

♥ Love this bride’s blue feather bouquet
♥ A romantic wedding
Washington ranch wedding
♥ LOVE this 60s mod wedding inspo
♥ Colourful Fort Worth wedding
Secret gardens & midsummer nights <3
♥ Naturally creative wedding

Photography Credit: Wildflowers Photography

Sales & Events

♥ The Designer Vintage Bridal Show is having a one-day boutique style event on Sunday 20th January at Birmingham Town Hall. Tickets are just £5 when bought in advance but they are offering Rock n Roll Bride readers 2-4-1! Use promo code RRDVBB when you purchase (put 1 in the ticket box and a 2nd will automatically be allocated to you). Woohoo!

Best of the Rest

♥ Gold painted holiday ornaments – Oooh I think even I could do this DIY – although I’d cover them in glitter and display them all year round!
How a baby is formed. This is so cute!
How to thrift your gift
♥ Frida-esque hair tutorial
♥ DIY ombre Christmas ornaments 
♥ Portraits of people who look alike but aren’t related at all – so funny!

I SO WISH we’d had a wedding video and this post on Eastside Bride makes me wail about the fact that we didn’t even more. How cute is this stop motion vid from Love + Brain?

Until next week lovers…