Thursday Treats: Decorating & Deliberating

November 22, 2012

Photography Credit: Under the Sycamore via Vectroave

Happy Thursday you gorgeous creatures. I hope your week has been as fabulous as possible.

I’ve spent most of my time indoors. It’s oh so glamorous being a blogger don’t you know! For the most part Gala, Shauna and I have been ferociously emailing back and forth about all things Blogcademy. There’s lots of excitement flying around and so much to organise before January (and beyond!) but it’s all just really awesome. As you know, the first date sold out in 24 hours and already more than a third of the tickets to the second event have been snapped up, so if you’re deliberating joining us… in the nicest possible way – hurry up!

Gareth has also been decorating our living room – which is very much overdue a revamp! I can’t wait for it to be done. We’ve also (nearly!) finally agreed on some wallpaper (he still needs a bit of convincing but I think it’s perfection!) and furniture which, believe me, is an achievement in itself! I really can’t wait to have a living space that is uncluttered, nicely decorated and that we’ll actually enjoy spending time in. What a treat!

And in other news, today I’m off to Brighton to go to the Oh My Honey launch party for her new wedding dress collection. I’ve had a little sneak peek already and it’s pretty fab so I can’t wait to see them in the flesh. Cocktails, canapes and wedding dresses? Ahh it’s not all hard work!

Oh! And happy thanksgiving to all my American friends and readers. Don’t stuff yourselves with too much turkey ya hear!?

So what’s been going down elsewhere online then..?

Weddings & Weddingy Things

1920s inspired Rhode Island sunset wedding
♥ Ruben & Joaquin’s Mexican Dia de los Muertos wedding
♥ San Diego vintage motel wedding
♥ Ombre wedding cake tutorial – so amazing!
Tutus, pinwheels & giant balloons

Photography Credit: Aubrey Joy Photography

♥ Backyard frog themed wedding
♥ Robinswood House Seattle Wedding
♥ This ‘pie & mash’ wedding is super cute but it really should have been called the ‘love heart cake’ wedding – how awesome is it?!
♥ Super Mario wedding awesomeness
Wedding letter balloons!!

Photography Credit: Jacob Mariano

Best of the Rest

Every December gift guide ever – so funny & true!
All the glitter shoes. I want it all!
♥ Super cute pom pom ornaments that would also be adorbs for your wedding
♥ Marilyn Mansion, Smashing Pumpkins, NIN, Hole – Gala’s nostalgia mixtape is just too good
♥ BEST NEWS EVER! Shake Shack to Open in London in 2013 (I had this for the first time in NY and it was epic)

My friend Richard wrote, directed & edited a short film called Dreamscape. It’s SO GOOD. Check it out… (awesome make up from my girl Elbie too!)

This cosplay proposal at London Comic Con is sooo cute

Casey Legler is a woman working as a male model for Ford. Fascinating stuff.

Remember when I was in New York and Lisa did a talk for B&H? Well you can watch it below!