Thursday Treats: 9th August 2012

August 9, 2012

Photography Credit: Ed Peers Photography (his sneak peek of this epic 4-day Italian wedding slays me. More more!)

I’ve been struck down with the plague this week. ICK.

Yet in between my packed schedule of Disney movie marathons, blowing my ever reddening noggin and stumbling to the kitchen for yet another Lemsip (eugh, why so gross?) I’ve found plenty of time for scouring the interwebs for yummy Thursday Treats. You’re welcome…


Weddings & Weddingy Things…

♥ My besties and amazing stationers Lucy of Lucy Ledger Designs & Abbey of House of Sugalily are hosting a workshop to help couples who want to make their own wedding stationery with some expert help. An opportunity not to be missed!
♥ Which Disney princess is your wedding? – super cute!
♥ Natalie Portman marries choreographer Benjamin Millepied in a romantic Big Sur wedding. Ahhhh!
CMYK Inspired Wedding
♥ Artistic & indie wedding inspiration
Rustic chic wedding
♥ Summer Aussie wedding – wow!
♥ Ahhhhmazing rustic lake house wedding

Photography Credit: Sean Dorgan

♥ Bona Drag Ceremonial Collection – OMG!
♥ Didn’t you just love Jessa’s bohemian surprise wedding on ‘Girls’?
♥ Modern Monet inspired shootdying over that dip dyed orange wedding dress!
♥ Cuuute Brooklyn engagement shoot
♥ Lumberjack wedding inspiration
♥ Channel 4 are looking for engaged couples for a new TV show with Gordon Ramsey & Mary Portas. The unlikely pair are opening a hotel in London in the first week of October in aid of raising money for the Prince’s Trust. They are looking for a couple who might like to get married there and be filmed for the show. If you’re interested email or call 0203 227 5979
♥ Colourful boho wedding

Photography Credit: John Newsome

Flash Sales

♥ The Kurt Geiger sale is pretty awesome and includes a whole host of Vivienne Westeood beauties (I know they’re your favourites too)
♥ Totally not wedding related but the Topshop sale is awesome at the moment. Mainly because the Summer has been so rubbish all the pretty (and bright!) Summer items have now been discounted. I don’t know about you but I’m not ready for the wooly jumpers and denim that’s filling the shelves in time for Autumn already.

Best of the Rest

♥ Promise Tangeman looks amazing in neon orange (it would seem that I have a thing for neon orange at the moment!)
♥ Decluttering tips from an aspiring hoarder
♥ 7 things you don’t know about women and work
♥ 10 Radical Self Love Exercises To Boost Your Summer Lovin’!
♥ Ranty girl tells you why your blog is boring 

Kevin Smith talks Criticism vs. Creation. He’s amazing. If you’re an artist make sure you watch this!!


  1. Hen

    Interesting article about the bride wearing her mum’s/grandma’s dress- I’ll be wearing my mum’s dress when I get married in August. It’s a bargain at the cost of a dry clean, really nice to have that continuity, and amazing how it fits perfectly, too. My mum had it tailor made in Eastern Germany in the 70s. And no, it doesn’t look like Kate’s 😉
    There is something nice about having your own dress as well, so for the evening I’ve bought a 1930s dress (a flea market find). I have to say, having read a number of your recent articles I am mighty glad I never even set foot in a bridal boutique.
    Anyone else wearing their mum’s dress? (or their nan’s?)

  2. i really love the bride in her mum and grandmas dress… i wish i could be as tiny as my mum AND grandma on my wedding day so i could wear either of their dresses, but i was blessed with curves hahaha!

    i also loved seeing the owl and the pussycat themed ideas… so cute!


  3. keeley

    well . . .i cant decide which is my fave part of this post… oh yes i can!! who knew a song with the words ‘even if i farted and followed’ through in could be so lovely?!?! haha and im not wearing my nannas dress! as much as i wouldve loved to as it was stuning, and similar to kates actually, but i am wearing a £75 vintage one form the 30’s and i cannot wait. bridal boutiques werent for me either! 😉 ahhh i think you deserve to have an award on your mantel piece! xx


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