Thursday Treats: 30th August 2012 – Being a Sellout Never Felt So Good…

August 30, 2012

So it seems like I’ve started every Treats post recently with “wow what a week!” so sorry but… wow what a week!

On Sunday night we sold the last Blogcademy space… yes that’s right the very first Blogcademy sold out in under 7 days. Gala, Nubby & I are literally on cloud 9. We’re so incredibly thrilled with the enthusiastic response we’ve received. We can’t wait to meet everyone that’s signed up and talk about our very favourite subject for two whole days. For those of you that weren’t able to get booked in, fret not because we have options for you! Firstly, our Scholarship programme where one deserving guy or gal can win a free ticket to the event. All you have to do is make a short video telling us (or showing us) why you think you should win. We’ve had a few people say they’re too shy to be in a video… well hell, be creative! Think outside the box, come up with something crazy, who said it had to just be you talking into a video camera? We want you to dazzle us!

But if you’re really too shy for the video thing, but are a dab hand at the organisational shiz, then we are also on the lookout for an NYC-based volunteer to help us out in the run up and on both day’s of the event… and yes, you’ll get to attend for free! You can read more about both these opportunities on The Blogcademy blog.

And finally, if you want to be notified of all Blogcademy developments and new location announcements, you can sign up to our mailing list right here.


Oh crap, I almost forgot, I’ve got another School of Rock workshop tomorrow… must dash!

Weddings & Weddingy Things…

♥ Wow Ed Peers – what a wedding! Tuscany looks (even more) beautiful through your lens
♥ Modern Geometric Wedding
♥ Antlers, and pom poms, and xerographica! Oh my!
♥ Tropical beach trash the dress
♥ Playful Elopement at Summer Camp
♥ Crafty DIY and bluegrass wedding
♥ Anaheim Backyard Wedding
♥ (and another) Handmade Geometric Wedding
Love this greenhouse wedding (and the bride’s spotty dress!)
♥ This Philadelphia farm wedding – or more specifically the bride’s glitter booties – makes me weep. AMAZING.

Photography Credit: Tin Sparrow Studio

Sales & Events

Hello!Lucky are having a fab 50% off sale for UK customers. Beautiful wedding stationery with up to 50% off? Yes please…
♥ Oh Jimmy Choo what are you doing to me sending me emails like this?!

Best of the Rest

Nubby blogged about her process when designing the Rock n Roll Bride magazine – plus shared some inside pages. Ooooh pretty layouts. Copies have been flying out since she blogged this but you can still grab one here.
♥ But that’s not all! She also blogged some of the tips & insights that she picked up whilst working on this mammoth project
♥ I’m a bit of a freak because I hate chocolate, but I think some of you might go a little nuts (see what I did there?!) over this Nutella fudge recipe. You’re welcome.
♥ Utterly love this article on 16 year old Rookie editor Tavi Gevinson and her mentor Ira Glass. In particular this quote from Tavi, “It’s not about us granting anyone permission; it’s about letting girls know they can grant themselves permission.” Jeez I wish I was that bright when I was 16… actually scrap that, I wish I was that bright now.
♥ I bloody love Dawn Porter. I love her even more for writing this article about self-esteem for Glamour Magazine.

The comic sans song literally made my week. I’ve watched this video approximately 75 times. I dare you not to get it stuck in your head.