Thursday Treats: 16th August 2012 – Goings on & Reminders…

How cute are Danielle & Jose with their Rock n Roll Bride Magazines?

Helloooooooooooooo! So today I’ve hotfooted it down to Brighton for the latest School of Rock blogging workshop. As always I’m cacking it but I know once I meet the lovely group of attendees I’ll be fine (here’s hoping…)

There’s so much going down at Rock n Roll Bride HQ (hum… not sure I love this phrase… can we think of a better one?) right now. The magazines have been flying out at a rate of knots and Gareth has basically spent the last 2 weeks surrounded by boxes, shiny pink envelopes, his trusty label printer and photos of my face! If you haven’t nabbed a copy yet, you still can, and the free worldwide shipping still applies! All the info can be found here.

What else? What else? Well Lisa & I have been furiously planning the next Photography Farm, taking place from the 18th-20th September. If you’d like to learn more or come along, all the info can be found on the Farm website. We also have plans to get one very lucky reader of this blog along as our model for the styled shoot. How cool would that be? Keep your peepers peeled because I’ll be letting you know how you can put yourself forward for it in the next few weeks.

OH! And talking of new projects… I’ve got something seriously exciting to share SOON. I can’t just yet (and it’s killing me) but I’m hoping and praying that it will be all ready to launch early next week. Fingers and toes crossed please. I can’t bloody wait to let the cat out of the bag. You might just scream (especially if you’re in the US, hint hint).

Finally (phew!) don’t forget about the awesome contest I’m hosting in collaboration with Next. For your chance to play fashion designer as well as win £500 click the hell here!

Mkay… I think that’s all for now (!) Stand by for some Thursday Treats comin’ at ya… (is it just me or has it been quiet online this week? What’s that about?)

Weddings & Weddingy Things…

♥ Handmade wedding at Parker Ranch
♥ Tenille & Seth looking stunning
♥ Handmade Georgia wedding
Dreamy SmogShoppe wedding
♥ A hometown boho country wedding in Mendocino
♥ Stone Barn Ranch photo shoot

Photography Credit: Acres of Hope Photography

Flash Sales

♥ Designer of gorgeous wedding shoes, Rachel Simpson, has launched an outlet site for discontinued, discounted and shop seconds shoes. Get yourself over there sharpish and grab a bargain! Prices start from just £25!

Best of the Rest

♥ Top ten WTF products marketed at women – seriously.
Five odd Olympic questions answered – so now you know!
♥ Kjerstin Gruys spent a year mirror free, including the 6 months before her wedding. She started a blog to document the journey. The experiment ended in March but I can’t wait to get properly stuck into reading her blog to see how it went down. Sounds amazing!
♥ I wasn’t sure whether to link to this or not because the tone of the article kind of annoyed me. I feel that my readers are awesome and switched on enough to know when the inspiration I post is right for them or not. Plus I’m ALL about couples planning their wedding for them and no one else. I think most wedding blogs are actually… Maybe I’m just getting defensive!? So Are wedding blogs ruining your wedding? What do you think?

Barbie party for Vs Magazine (NSFW)


  1. Kim

    The article about wedding blogs ruining your wedding was interesting. I don’t agree with it when it comes to blogs like this one or Offbeat bride, or A Practical Wedding. Your blog focuses primarily on very personal weddings. It’s inspiring, but more in the way of, “wow, I can really make my wedding very special to me rather than cookie-cutter,” than “oh, gosh, now I have to spend $1000 on this accessory and oh, no, now everyone must have a ___ or our wedding will be BROKEN.” Strangely, few of the weddings on these types of blogs make me want something specific – “Now I’ve just got to have a destination wedding at Glastonbury or I’ll die!” But they do inspire me to figure out how to make my wedding truly my own.

    Now, with the bigger blogs, like The Knot, I can see the author’s argument. The Knot doesn’t even seem like a blog to me. It’s more like a shopping website, and everything there is crafted towards getting us to buy more and more stuff. Hell, they even have their own stores.

  2. I think my heart popped out of my chest for a second there, haha… whoa, did not expect to see that! Thanks so much Kat!! ;D

    I think that Barbie video might possibly give me nightmares.

    Oooooh, I’m excited to read about this news! Suspense!

  3. Post author

    Haha Danielle you’re so cute! For some reason I told the crazy murderous hillbilly Vegas story at yesterday’s workshop ha! So excited to announce the news too squeal!


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