Retro Disney Wedding Inspiration

I’m pretty sure there’s a little child in all of us who get excited when a Disney film comes on the TV. I personally can’t think of a much better lazy Saturday afternoon movie than Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid or Beauty & the Beast! Come on, admit it, you’re with me right?

So you can imagine my girlish elation when this retro Disney inspired bridal shoot landed on my desk. “Whilst spending a fun filled day at Disneyland and watching all the young couples hand in hand in the place where dreams come true, the inspiration just came to me”, explained florist Jacqueline of J Morgan Flowers. “What could sum up young love better than Mickey and Minnie Mouse and their everlasting love?”

“Not one to procrastinate I called Aviva at Kiss the Planner (whilst in-line for Thunder Mountain) and pitched the idea to her. It didn’t take us long to gather up tons of inspirations from dresses, shoes, suitcases, vintage, candy and of course mouse ears!!”

Doesn’t this shoot just fill your heart with joy?! I’d personally love to see some Disney inspiration creeping into alternative weddings (I’m not taking cheesy fairytale castle weddings here!) Who’s with me?

Thanks to Jacqueline and her team for sharing this with us today.

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Elle Ruiz Photography
Concept & Flowers: J Morgan Flowers
Styling:  Kiss the Planner
Hair & Make Up: Ultimate Bridal Beauty
Linens: Over the Top Linens
Venue: B Ocean Fort Lauderdale


  1. I went to a wedding 2 years ago. They were *that* close to actually having the real Minnie & Mickey at their wedding to have a dance with them. The plan was for the couple to have the first dance and then Mickey & Minnie would join them for a second dance. How amazing would that have been?

  2. I luuurve watching old Disney movies!! I live this wedding.
    Right, I’m going to put one on now in front of my sewing machine. And sing unashamedley along at the top of my voice.

  3. Jacqueline at J. Morgan Flowers of Pompano Beach, Fl did it again!
    I’m not just saying that because I’m married to her and would like a good meal tonight.

    This shoot had an interesting combination of a modern art and vintage wedding look.
    This also proves you don’t have to get married in Orlando for the Disney wedding look.
    You can get the same with better quality in Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami!

  4. This is so cute! We were married at Disneyland and Mickey and Minnie DID come to our reception and danced with us and posed for pictures with our guests. It was a surprise for our guests and everyone flipped their lids! Love that Disney magic!

  5. I LOVE it!! Love the theme (love ALL things Disney), Love the colors, love the patterns, love the feel!! Especially smitten with the fabulous red vintage suitcases – what a genius way to incorporate the vintage feel and at the same time add to the “Mickey/Minnie Vacation” theming!! Spectacular!!

  6. @Kat – I’m slowly recapping our wedding on my blog but I’ll send you a link once I get to when M&M show up!

  7. Thanks for sharing our retro Disney shoot kat!! It was so much fun………might need to do another one just so I have an excuse to go back to Disney!!


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