Thursday Treats – 12th July 2012: Making Your Own Happiness

July 12, 2012

This week has been a one of New York loft apartment booking, workshop selling, Magazine printing & Photography Farm anticipating! In fact I’ve got so much bloody awesome stuff going on right now I can hardly contain myself. Please excuse me a second while I squeeeeee!

Taking of excitement and happiness, I read this brilliant (and only slightly ranty) Ranty Girl article this week and I couldn’t agree more with everything she said.

“I finally had to realise that the only person who could make me happy was me and this was something of a serious attitude adjustment. I had to stop looking at other people and trying to have what they had and work out what it was that made me happy, however trivial and insignificant these things may be.”

“The media is lying to you, all these films, books and TV shows with the lonely central character who is finally saved from their sad existence Mr or Miss Right is just bollocks. The locus of your happiness can never sit somewhere outside of your own skin.”

Preach it girl!

We need to make our own happiness. Don’t look sideways at what everybody else is doing and complain that they’ve got it better than you – get off your arse and do something about your own happiness! Do you think spectacular happiness is just luck? Hell no. It takes hard work and dedication to positivity to get there. That’s what I’ve done and I couldn’t be more ecstatic with my life right now (by the way if you don’t follow this blog you should because she’s really bloody funny. Plus anybody who writes an article questioning the idocy of Justin Bieber fans and the usefulness of Cheryl Cole needs to be well-read!)

So, what are you doing about your own happiness?

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