A Salsa Dancing Wedding in Rio de Janeiro: Tatiana & Luis

There’s something about this wedding that makes me wanna get up and dance. I’ve never been much of a salsa dancer (read: I’ve never tried it in my life) but these guys make it look seriously fun!

The April wedding of Tatiana & Luis in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil had a massive party vibe. Both the ceremony and reception were held at Centro Cultural Carioca, a ‘house of samba’ bar located in an old building in downtown Rio de Janeiro.

The ceremony was officiated by a friend of the couple and it was full of love and especially laughter when he told funny stories about them both through out. “When the bride entered, the groom spontaneously grabbed her and gave her a great and long kiss”, wedding photographer Felipe Luz told me. “Everybody applauded.”

“We wanted our wedding to be very lively with a lot of very happy people dancing,” the bride took over. “Our reception was full of music, especially samba. Everybody danced and sang along with the band. It was a really happy day.”

“We put two friends in charge of the decoration and organization. Vivid colors, tropical plants and the live samba built a casual atmosphere and reflected energy we share in real life!”

Gorgeous! Doesn’t this just make you incredibly happy?! Thank you to Tatiana & Luis  and wedding photographer Felipe Luz for sharing today.

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Felipe Luz
Venue: Centro Cultural Carioca, Luis in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Bride’s Dress: Diana Esteves (a friend of the bride)
Groom’s Outfit: Casa Alberto


  1. Bridezilla

    I think there’s a mistake in the entry’s title… Salsa is not a Brazilian rythm/dance. We don’t dance salsa in Brazil. It’s probably samba that the party was about. 🙂

  2. I love the liveliness of this wedding and how each bridesmaid is wearing a different dress. These are my favorites – when a couple breaks all sorts of wedding “rules”… and pulls it off fabulously!

    Found your blog through Gala Darling and it has been so cool seeing all of these vibrant, colorful weddings!

  3. This is one of those weddings where you’d like to be a guest. Does it get more fun than vibrant, poppy bridesmaid dresses and tons of dancing? Love it.


  4. I love how fun and vibrant this wedding is. Since the venue is a “house of samba” bar it really gave the wedding that type of party feel to it. I absolutely love the wedding gown. The brides’ friend is very talented. The gown fit her body very well and the lace detailing gave the outfit a sexy feel with some elegance to it. You can see this couple is very fun and very friend/family oriented.
    Loving every part of this unique wedding! Kudos to the vendors as well as the photographer that captured some of those great moments and of course RNRBride for the post!
    Katarina I.

  5. Kate V

    I think the correct title is “samba wedding”. We don´t dance salsa in Brazil and it seems the wedding was at a samba house. Samba and salsa are different! =)
    Loved the bride´s dress!!

  6. Kate V

    @Kelsea: in Brazil the bridesmaid don´t use the same color or the same dress!
    It´s unusual here when it happens.
    The normal is each one use the dress they want, unless the white color. Only the bride can wear white dress in the brazilian weddings rules. ^^


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