Thursday Treats: 19th April 2012 – Back to School

April 19, 2012

Wow where do I begin with this week? OK so I’ll just give you a snippet so not to bore you too much! On Monday Gareth & I headed down to Canterbury to do a guest talk on blogging and social media to a small group of staff and students at Christchurch University. This was actually quite an emotional experience for me for a number of reasons. Not only did I go to University in Canterbury but my Dad’sDad (yes that’s what we called him!) was actually a sports science lecturer at Christchurch before he died. When I told my Dad and my Nanny that I would be going to the University to kind of do the same thing as him they were all proud and stuff… Yeah, I know. SOB.

Photography Credit: Rebecca Douglas

Anyway, the attendees were fabulous. We were made to feel very welcomed and valued and by the time we’d got home I already had this email in my inbox from one of them…

Hey Mr & Mrs Rock n Roll Bride,

We had a total ball today, which I think you’ll have gathered by our evangelical social media updates! I am planning a shake up on the way my blog functions and you’ve given me so many ideas. We stayed and talked for over an hour after you left about how to develop our blogs, so many ideas flying round so we’ll keep you posted. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

And we did (the Percy Pigs helped a lot too!) If you’d be interesting in hiring me to come and speak at your work/school/university about blogging, social media or what it’s like doing the job that I do then please get in touch!

Photography Credit: Rebecca Douglas

Right, let’s get on with some Thursday Treats shall we? First off will someone please pass the biscuits?

♥ Love this couple’s matching dress/bowtie combo!
♥ Vera Wang did black bridal dresses last year and this season she’s done red. What do we think?
♥ Traditional Vietnamese Bride and Groom (with the bride in the most amazing sparkly gold ensemble!)
Pantone raspberry lime cheesecake!
LOVE this brides ‘Chanel’ dress
♥ I’m not a great cook but these images make me wish I was
Backyard Sydney Wedding
♥ “If I die with more than $2 in my bank account, I will have failed” – Right on JD!
♥ Gorgeous ‘at home’ e-shoot
♥ Love everything about this knitted desert shoot

Photography Credit: Megan Hartley Photography

♥ Seriously adorbs DIY his ‘n hers pillowcases
♥ The 30 most awkward engagement pictures – priceless!
♥ The 12 ways to achieve the very best glamour shot is just as genius
♥ …And 50 people you wish you knew in real life… number 3!!
♥ Now I have Instagram it’s Cinemagram that’s making me jealous of iPhone users
♥ The dirty little secret of overnight success
♥ Cute as a button
♥ Thinking you might dye your wedding dress after your wedding? Great tips here.
♥ Oh yey, I’m loving this DIY iPhone Case on A Beautiful Mess. I’ve been looking for a pretty case for my Nexus S phone for ages to no avail but I’ve found clear ones. Totally doing this. Only problem is what design do I choose? Thanks Elsie & Emma!
♥ Celebrity vintage weddings
‘Get Under the Moon’ Love this shoot…love!

Photography Credit: Shae Acopian Detar

Erm excuse me but how do I get invited to this wedding please?