The Secret Glamour of Hollywood: A Styled Shoot for Alexandra King’s 2012 Bridal Collection

Secret Hollywood glamour was the inspiration for this shoot, set up to promote the new range of wedding dresses from British designer Alexandra King. “The shoot was originally based on the morning after the Oscars, a hazy, sun kissed feel with the soft prettiness of the dresses against the cold concrete and run down beach,” Alexandra told me. “As if an Oscar/wedding party traveled down to the beach in Lost Boys and here was the morning after. The shoot then developed to two more locations. To shoot the look book, we found a village hall which had the perfect school play feel to it with a velvet curtained stage and lighting that gave the models the appearance of being a puppet show.The abandoned 1960s caravan images gave a trashy contrast against the dresses again and I love the way some of the images have a romantic gypsy feel to them.”

Each dress is made to order and prices start from just £650. For more infomation be sure to check out her website or drop Alexandra a line!

Thanks to Alexandra and the whole team for sharing this gorgeous shoot with us today/

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Laura Michelle Photography
Dresses: Alexandra King
Accessories: What Katy Did Next
Shoes: Customised at Alexandra King, from New Look
Models, Hair and Make Up: Kimberley Louise Hill and Natalie Power
Styling: Alexandra King and Anna Vickery


  1. Wow the dresses look AMAZING, darn i am married already but nearly makes me wanna get divorced and get wed again… only jokin Matt ha ha.
    No seriously the dresses look great and the photography is spot on – will tweet like mad about this SO cool

  2. Loved photographing these gowns!!! – The caravan shots are amongst my favourites. It was very muddy but in contrast the gowns look fabulous! Also photographing the champagne tulle and blue dress on the beach was great fun. Carefree & playful shooting on a freezing day at the beach haha. We all had a lot of fun! x

    Thanks Everyone xxx

  3. Ella

    I’m not even engaged yet, but I just found my ideal in that gold and red floral gown.


  4. Kate & James

    WOW dresses and photography are amazing. Laura, we can see why you get booked up so quickly! Awesome job

  5. Rhiannon

    OMG I am in LOVE with the beaded one! How amazing! You are brilliant! I’ve actually wanted to get a tattoo on my arm just for my wedding- terrible excuse though for one, so I just think this is fantastic! I love love love it! Even the floral gowns are beautiful!

  6. I initially read about Alex on your blog Kat, after I saw a picture of you wearing one of her beautiful black prom dresses! It was so lovely to meet Alex in person when she decided to pop into my shop ‘Charlie Boots’ on an inpropmtu visit to Bath a few months back! I adore Alex’s style 100% and am thrilled to see the new lines she has been bringing out. Alex – I hope we get to meet again soon. Joe,aka – Red Bird Makes x


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