Thursday Treats – 19th January 2011: Modeling for Ian Stuart & Umbrellas Hanging from Ceilings

January 19, 2012

Photography Credit: Anne-Sofie List by Signe Vilstrup for Elle Denmark via Fashion Gone Rogue

This week has been a little bit over-exciting. On Monday I had a meeting with Ian Stuart…yes the actual Ian Stuart. When I got an email from his office before Christmas saying he’d love to meet me to discuss a project idea he’s working on I wasn’t sure I actually believed it. In fact even as I was hopping on the train to London to visit him in his studio I still didn’t actually believe it. However I couldn’t, even in my wildest dreams, have considered what he was about to ask me. Our conversation went something like this…

Ian Stuart: Kat, we love you, we love your blog and we love your magazine. We also loved the shoot you did in Paris where you wore some of my dresses. We think the brides who read your site are amazing and just the kind of girls we want to make dresses for. In May, at The White Gallery,* we’ll be showing my new collection and we want to design a dress for you and your readers…Oh and we want to have you model it down the catwalk infront of the world’s bridal press. How does that sound?

Me: erm…errrr…shiiittt…are you sure?…me?…erm Jeez…OK then…do I have to wear heels?

Ian Stuart: Oh and the week after the show, we’ll be shooting the photo campaign and we want you to model in that too…

Me: erm…are you sure you’ve got the right girl?…oh sweet Lord…you know I’m no model right? I’m a size 12, I have quite a lot of tattoos and I have silly hair…

Ian Stuart: Yep, that’s exactly why we want you.

Me: erm…OK then…

So…yeah. That’s about the gist of it. Oh crap. Catwalk. Models. Scary bridal press. SHIIIIIIT. My life is a little bit ridiculous.

I’ve seen a very rough sketch of his design already and my God it’s going to be EPIC. I’m not allowed to share anything more about it with you just yet but believe me when I say it’s going to be very very cool. I’m also so excited by the thought that some of you might even buy it to wear it for your own Rock n Roll weddings! That’s just so exciting.

I’ll be sharing more about this project just as soon as I’m allowed to so keep those peepers peeled to these pages.

Me with Ian Stuart (!!!!) I think his tee-shirt is giving us the finger.

*The White Gallery is basically like Fashion Week for the wedding world. It’s where all the top designers go to show their new collections to the awaiting bridal press as well as boutique owners who want to order the new designs for their own shops.

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