Hearts, Clouds and a Massive Party: Brandon & Tiffany

“A friend of mine described our wedding by saying it was ‘kind of like the Hangover, only without the tiger’.” newlywed Tiiffany explained. “Brandon and I planned the wedding purposely during our favorite holiday – Halloween. Our wedding venue was in the middle of downtown Orlando, which has a HUGE Halloween street party the weekend of Halloween. It’s loads of fun, and I knew that everyone would want to party on the streets after the wedding. Well, my maid of honor partied a little too hard, and we ended up in the emergency room the night of our wedding. Haha. I love her!”

Brandon & Tiffany were married the day before Halloween at Sak Comedy Lab. As you can see, they wanted a real party atmosphere for their wedding and so threw the rule book out the window when it came to deciding what they wanted.

“My goal for this wedding was to throw a bad ass party, without breaking the bank,” Tiffany continued. “I wanted a wedding that was completely different than anybody else in my family had ever done. Unfortunately, my mother was not a big fan of our ideas, which made the journey of wedding planning a little hard. She was absolutely against the idea of having the ceremony in a place other than the church, and hated the fact that we were having pizza. I tried to tell her that this day was about Brandon and me, but it was tough for her to accept it. In the end, she ended up having a great time like everyone else did! I wanted to prove to her that we didn’t have to have an expensive, traditional wedding to have a great time. Anyways, I’m not the type of person who would go into debt for a wedding. I want to enjoy my marriage and not have to worry about paying off a wedding for years to come. Thank goodness Brandon and I are pretty crafty people, we save loads of money by DIYing everything.”

“Our theme was ‘clouds raining hearts’. All of the groomsmen wore hand sewn clouds and the bridesmaids wore hearts in their hair. It was mostly Brandon’s idea. And he did most of the sewing!! All of our guests also wore hand sewn stuffed hearts as boutonnieres. and the bouquets were also composed of hand sewn stuffed hearts, attached to floral wire and put together by twine. The whole wedding was just an explosion of hearts!”

“We didn’t want the wedding to feel stuffy and serious. Brandon wrote the ceremony script, which was pretty hysterical. We had a part during the ceremony where we had ‘vows’ for our guests to promise to us. We embarrassed our parents by having everyone sitting around them give them high fives during the ceremony. We made everyone laugh during our vows, which were super kitschy but I absolutely LOVED it. I wouldn’t have done the wedding any other way.”

“We had so much help from family and friends, and without them, our wedding obviously would not have been the same. Brandon, his groomsmen, and his family did all the decorating the day of the wedding. Brandon didn’t even have any instructions from me on how to decorate the place. He wanted me to trust him with this task and I must admit, I was terrified. But it was so perfect that I cried the second I saw everything. He read my mind. He always does that.”

“Even though we had pizza as our ‘wedding breakfast’, my family insisted on helping out with making traditional Filipino food and other appetizers for our guests. My cousin Becki and my aunt Lucy were in charge of the food and O.M.G. everything was amazing. We even had trays of sushi that my family made! We had so much food that most of our guests took home leftovers and we were even able to leave a few to-go boxes to be given out to the homeless. It was such a memorable night, and I seriously want to thank everyone who shared this special day with us. You are all lovely and perfect!”

You can see Brandon & Tiffany’s cute fairground engagement shoot on the blog here.

Thank you so much to Brandon & Tiffany for sharing their fabulous wedding with us today!

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Nick Suivski
Venue: Sak Comedy Lab, Orlando
Bride’s Dress: Oleg Cassini
Bride’s Shoes: Supertrash
Bride’s Jewellery: Lana Chayka on etsy
Groom’s Outfit: Zara
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: chose their own
Cake: Heavenly Cakes
Flowers: DIY
Hair: Jessica Hartwick
Make Up: Karen Michelle Clark


  1. Suzie Smith

    What an amazing wedding! Honestly one of my fav’s! The theme is cute and they both look so cool! I totally agree with the bride’s mantra to her wedding. Congrats x

  2. the groom sewed the bouquet? now, thats a keeper! They did such a great job on everything – totally rock and roll!

  3. Angela

    Aside from my own wedding this was the best wedding I have ever been to! Tiff & Brandon did an awesome job. You guys rock!

  4. janielle

    Too often, weddings are done the same exact way. It was completely refreshing to go to a wedding “out of the box!” I felt apart of some huge love feast and I enjoyed every moment! A wedding simply about love and happiness 🙂

  5. Natalie

    Does anyone know if Oleg Cassini wedding dresses have any stockists in the UK – specifically London? Her dress is amazing! xx

  6. Darline

    I simply loved this wedding Tiff. It was the best wedding I have every been too. and yes it was the BEST WEDDING EVER….and i don’t even think my wedding will be as awesome as yours. LOVE YOU BOTH!!

  7. angela

    What did your tattoo parlor sign say? I want to do this at a party? Such a great idea! Bought the frame just don’t know what to write on sign. Thanks so much.

  8. Jess

    I am a very crafty gal myself, therefore, I had seen your pin on pinterest-of the heart canvas guestbook. I love this idea. Though, I am curious on what paint you used to paint it. I would like to do this at my upcoming wedding.. 🙂 Please let me know!

  9. Kiera

    I love how fun this wedding looks like it was 🙂 I’m in the process of planning our wedding and am wanting to do the canvas guest book as well. I’m just wondering what type of pen did you use for your guests to sign with?

  10. Monica

    I have the same questions Jess & Kiera already asked…

    Does someone know this?

    What paint and what type of pen did you use for the canvas?

    We are also getting married next year and we also want to do the canvas guestbook. I think it is a real original idea!

  11. Tiffany

    I haven’t looked at this post in forever! We used paint pens from the craft store on the canvas. The paints that were used are acrylics. Our tattoo Parlour sign simply had directions on how to apply the tattoos.

  12. caroline bradley

    Hi there!
    I really love the canvas where the guests leave their messages.Can you tell me where I could get one for our big day
    Thanks Caroline

  13. Lindsey

    I love the idea for the picture as the guest book! Where did you get the heart on the canvas? Thanks!!


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