Thursday Treats – 3rd November 2011 + Preview of the Claire Pettibone 2012 Collection


Photography Credit: Amber Grey Photography (full shoot here)

Quick update on what I’ve been up to this week…well yesterday I did a photo shoot with the amazing amazing amazing Ashton Jean Pierre. Ashton is a deaf wedding photographer who shoots in film and he is being profiled for an art’s special programme for See Hear on BBC2. Our shoot had a slight 1950’s Christmas vibe (we just has a few props, we didn’t go overboard with the styling at all) and the show will be on the television on the 30th November (hence them wanting us to look a bit christmassy).

I can’t wait to see the shots (Gareth modeled too and look hella hella hot with his 50’s quiff!) I’ll be sharing the photos on the blog on Monday if it’s not to early to get a little festive on you? I wore a rainbow petticoat just for you guys…

OK, so elsewhere I’ve been loving…

♥ Gala is doing another FREE Radical Self Love livestream next week. She’s going to be talking about body image and loving ourselves, and we all need to do a bit more of that don’t we? Put the date in your diary and I’ll see you there!
A simple Canadian wedding with a Wai-Ching dress
A 1930s wedding
 A mountain top wedding
♥ Walking on a rainbow – these are so awesome. If your’re having an outdoor wedding I’d love to see you include these somehow!
♥ I love succulents at weddings
♥ Instant Ombre TipsI hope they bring out some more colours soon cos this would be perfect for rainbow-ifying my hair myself!
A Halloween masquerade wedding

Photography Credit: Kristen Marie

♥ Fab blog post about wedding industry customer service
Skull shaped bookshelf!
♥ Forget cake pops, its all about Oreo-pops!
♥ Andy Worhol Museum Wedding
♥ Punch drunk love
♥ A beautiful and whimsical wedding
♥ This blue wedding dress kills it!
♥ If you’re in the UK, you’ve gotta get involved in this fab project by Lisa Jane
♥ The Claire Pettibone 2012 collection is just WOW! I am very much in love with it. Check out some of my faves…

For more, check out this post on Weddings Unveiled.

For those of you that doubted that this photo was real in last week’s Treats

Be sure to go have a little lookie at the new David Fielden website and this beautiful new film which they made to launch it…


  1. Muffin Anderson

    I love those Claire Pettibone dresses, I just wish designers would realise some of us have boobs! Finding a dress to fit 32J with a 30 inch waist is going to be bad. I’m putting it off!

    Can’t wait to see your Ashton shoot!

  2. Post author

    hey muffin – thanks hun i cant wait to see the photos either.

    if you have big boobs then this style of dress prob isnt for you (i have biggies too, not sure i could pull this off either!) There are many fab designers out there tho that will make dresses to suit your AMAZING figure. check out candy anthony or fur coat no knickers for 50s shaped dresses. this style suits me best too…

  3. Laura Sonja

    I agree wholeheartdly with the article on customer service! I am having this problem at the moment. I am starting to plan my wedding in Australia and we are having it in winter at the snow in the peak ski season so I know places book out (just not for weddings!!) so I was trying to be organised. It is 5 or 6 hours away so I wanted to create a shortlist of venues to go and visit, so many venues (who advertise that they do weddings or even SPECIALISE in weddings) have not even replied. I have sent multiple emails over the last month and got no response. I agree with Kat’s comment of if they can’t even be bothered to reply (and take thousands of $$$) then how can I trust that they can be bothered on the day.
    I had a scary experience after organising my brothers wedding for him in Australia as he lives in Finland. I booked and paid a deposit 10 months before the date for the venue and the day before the wedding when we turned up (with 40 people who flew from Finland) I found out they had double booked the venue and already handed over the keys to the other party (who were there for a 24th birthday party)..
    So I am slightly nervous about booking a venue for myself now!

  4. I love that first shot, so I clicked through to the website. Oh my word! how gorgeous! I love seeing shoots like that. Just steals you away to photography wonderland. And those Claire Petticone dresses are sumptious.

  5. oh Kat, that Halloween wedding…what can I say??you spoil us…. Black is the new white! and all those autumn colours are just fabulous. I love that dress!


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