An Undead Steampunk Wedding: Renee & Ian

So where do I begin trying to explain the awesomeness of Renee & Ian’s undead steampunk wedding? I think maybe the title gives away just how amazing this wedding is going to be doesn’t it?

The couple were married at Catalyst, a private live/work artist community in Chicago. “We actually had to ‘audition’ for the space,” Renee told me. “The members have a delicate relationship with the community and can’t risk any trouble. We had to prove to them over several months that we talented and responsible enough to be able to use their space. We had to foster a personal relationship with them before they would even consider us. It was tedious, but worth it in the end.”

“We gained some more wonderful friends for our already stellar collection, and the space allowed us freedom that traditional venues could not (like staying until 6am and coming back later in the week to help clean up).”

The bride made her dress herself from a 1880’s corset pattern. She tea stained dupioni silk and lace and designed the skirt and blouse herself. Her headpiece was a pair of vintage goggles that she bought from a flea market which Ian ‘steampunked’ by using random pieces including a magnifying glass that belonged to his Grandmother.

“We love Halloween and costumes!” the bride continued. “It’s truly the only time of year that we have any pictures together. We plan all year for it! We’re not really big on the institution of marriage. We partly decided to ‘make it official’ (though our love and commitment was official enough for us) because Ian’s dad was diagnosed with cancer, and the outlook was grim. We knew he would love to see us married. On a lighter note, Greg is doing very well these days in remission.”

“Our choice of theme started a bit of an uproar in our families. We were made fun of, called sacrilegious, and many of our family from WI didn’t show up (some for financial reasons, but I assume many of our very catholic family members just didn’t approve). We were asked to have a separate ‘family wedding’ in WI, but refused. Our wedding was going to be a celebration of our love, our way and a way for us to show our families that we are proud of who we are. We didn’t WANT to dis-include or hurt them, but we didn’t want to compromise ourselves on our day! In the end, the family that did show up really seemed to enjoy themselves.”

Incredible! Thank you so much to Renee & Ian and their photographer Evangeline for sharing today.

Photography Credit: Evangeline Lane
Venue: Catalyst
Bride’s Dress: DIY
Bride’s Shoes: Funtasma
Bride’s Headpiece: Vintage
Bride’s Jewellery: Vintage
Bride’s Fangs: Vamp Fangs
Bride’s Non-Rx Black Contacts: D Beauty Shop
Groom’s Outfit: Al secondhand or DIY
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Second-hand, costume shop, Pyramid Collection
Cake: Ruxbin
Hair: Christin Stevens of Art + Science Salon
Band: Cooridors & The Noise and Light Tourism Psychedelic Dance Band featuring Jonah Winnick
DJ: Jeekoos


  1. robin

    How do I find out who this fabulous photographer is and how do I get hold of her? Do you have her website up? Thank you

  2. This wedding was a blast. We had a ton of fun playing it, and it was really something I’ve never seen, nor probably will ever see again. couple things–Ian built the altar they were married above, and the chandelier they were married below.

    Ian and Renee also installed a stenciled balcony railing, and a bunch of other stuff. I think he took 107 hours building his undead steampunk ghostbuster proton-pack. it’s made out of old saxophones and trumpets and such. wild.

    cheers for featuring this, Kat. salut.


  3. oh yeah, and we (the skeleton band) scored the whole wedding live. Groom’s March, Bride’s march, first dance, family dance, etc. were all songs hand-picked by the bride, groom and band, and spanned 9 decades of music. played for maybe 2-3 hrs w/ 2 drumkits, 3 guitars, vocals, organ, bass, cello, theremin, etc. so fun.

  4. natasha

    wow such an inspirational wedding!! i love love love her wedding dress she did a FAB job on it stun-ning !!


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