Thursday Treats – 27th October 2011

Photography Credit: Hannah Millard Photography (see the full beautiful shoot here)

You saw this this morning right? OK cool, well there’s nothing else I can say about this week really. The award kinda trumps it all…I still found time mid-celebration (sans alcohol, yes I’ve still managed to stay off the booze – no I can’t believe it either – only 14 days to go!) to collate some yummy Thursday Treats for y’all.

♥ Five Ways to Decorate Your Garden Ceremony
♥ A Handmade Vintage Circus Wedding
♥ I don’t usually condone tattoo cover up make up but this shoot with Rick Genest is pretty impressive
♥ DIY ballroom wedding
♥ A South Philly Kind of Love
Lush greens & fancy frocks
An electric Delorean is expected to be released in 2013 for the bargain price of $90,000. I still would.
♥ Rainbow cake-gasm
♥ My dream necklace…now were’s that spare £530 I had lying around?

♥ Free download of these cute canning labels
Laid-back garden wedding
Megan’s happy list makes me very happy indeed (especially the last point…)
Gala Darling has come back to the pink side…knew she couldn’t resist for much longer! ps I LOVE your choice of a ‘Golden Moment’
♥ DIY Streamer + Sparkle Cake Topper
Red smoke machines and a new kind of trash the dress
♥ Colour your Food with Food Finish – kinda weird but also kind of awesome
♥ A rockabilly wedding

Photography Credit:  Jessica Velarde


  1. Funnily enough I discovered rainbow cakes this week – I had never ever seen them before!! Where had they been hiding all my life! This one from Amma takes the biscuit though.

    Enjoy your success! Have a mocktail or something! You’ll be hitting it hard in two weeks (in your fab frock hopefully!)

    Laters xxx

  2. Sarah

    Is that make up cover up real? If it is, it’s impressive but the fact that in the after shot you can see his hair line makes me think that’s just a picture of him before he actually got tattoos.

  3. Post author

    It is real I think.i saw a video of him with the make up on the washing it off to reveal tats underneath


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