A 1990’s Themed Styled Shoot

Being a child during the 90’s (yep I rocked a shell suit and everything) I have an instant affinity to this styled shoot put together by photographer Chelsea Nicole and stylist Brit Bertino. However I’m pleased to report that there’s not a troll doll in sight…

Brit explains, “I’ve noticed recently that a lot of couples want something different from the latest trends of garden, rustic, and or vintage themes. They want something that reminded them of their teen years when everything was carefree, fun and memorable.”

“I wanted to design something where I could envision a bunch of childhood friends playing out on the streets with their friends after school – either hitting the basketball courts, dancing in the streets to their boom boxes or playing Nintendo. I decided to design this shoot off of an early 90’s urban era that would bring back the soul in street hip hop, urban beats and just plain being a cheery kid again!”

Thanks to Chelsea, Brit and the whole team for sharing this shoot with us today.

Photography Credit: Chelsea Nicole
Venue: Rumor Boutique Hotel in Las Vegas
Bride’s Dress: Bella Bridesmaid
Groom’s Outfit: Tuxedo Junction
Coordination: Simply Weddings by Brit Bertino
Hair & Make Up: Make the Bride Up
Break Dancer: Brandon Namebrand
Linens: Creative Coverings
Stationary: Sky Orange Studio
Flowers: Naakiti Floral
Cake: Gimme Some Sugar
Models: Jenifer Duncan and Dominick Hill


  1. Post author

    I think this is a very stylish version of the 90s! I’d personally love to see a bride rocking a Nirvana tee over her wedding dress tho! Ahh grunge 🙂

  2. Love the colours. Sadly (for me!) this is much cooler than I ever was in the 90s – I was all dodgy perms (with a straight fringe. oh dear) and terrible dress sense.

  3. Love this.

    @Laura Babb, I badly wanted a dodgy perm but my Mum wouldn’t let me. I did have a range of day-glo leggings though.

    Not cool enough for a Nirvana T-shirt either. I think I may have had a Take That one……

  4. Post author

    haha charlotte – i had boyzone ones. no one can beat me in the cool-steaks….i did finally grow into Nirvana though!

  5. I always wanted a game boy but never had one. My hubby bought me one for Christmas last year, a proper 90’s one with Tetris and everything (now that DOES make me a saddo!) x

  6. In South Africa… It was the same! Doc Martins, blanket shirts for girls, different coloured jeans: mustard, red… Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Offspring…

  7. I try not to remember the 90s. I had a curly perm. I had Dms. I didn’t have a Nirvana t-shirt. I did have some Madonna pearls and possibly a basque. I also had fishnet tights and orange lipstick. Please god, don’t make me go back there….

    Seriously tho, nice shoot, but man, the 90s were never that gorgeous. x

  8. @ kat luckily for me any photographic evidence is in the dearkest depths of my parents loft

    @ charlotte – your parents did you a favour. I looked a fright!

  9. MrsHook

    The whole thing makes me think of Jem and the holograms! Oh Kat you sooooo need to do a Jem inspired photoshoot!! Just think … pink hair, big star shaped earrings, candy coloured power dresses and musical instruments!!! Amaze!! :0)

  10. jacqui

    definetely is a more stylish version fo the 90’s, good thing too, they were pretty hideous ! ( although I did love Fresh Prince !! ) Oh god, I think I was at college, wearing those awful long crinkly skirts, dipp dyed in various shades of the same colour (with cowboy boots), oh dear ! mind you I doubt that was actually fashionable, hahaha.
    I love the cake !

  11. Until I got cool and discovered grunge (yay for nirvana tshirts and baggy jeans) i had a bright yellow puma tracksuit.
    I think there are pictures somewhere, oh dear…

  12. God everytime I look back at photos of me in the 90s I keep thinking “what was I thinking???” and I thought it was so cool then too….

  13. Digging this shoot. It’s definitely a stylized version of the 90’s. I was never that cool. I was in college and had pink hair, piercings, the goth bob, and combat boots with long dark dresses studying political philosophy and frequenting the clubs.

  14. Fantastic! I was never that cool in the 90’s either, with my levi’s jeans (ok, cool enough), and adidas hoodie (it had to be adidas in our school), and for the real 90’s feel: Buffalo shoes! It did not look as good as this shoot, I can tell you!


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