A Batman Engagement Shoot: Crystal & Darren

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Gratton of Ophelia Photography while she was over in London on vacation. Amongst many things, we spoke about Lisa’s desire to create something a little different and fun around her engagement shoots and this Batman-inspired session proves her point nicely!

Lisa told me how the groom, Darren, who was initially quite nervous in front of the camera really came to life as soon as he put on this Batman suit! Well it is every little boys dream to be a superhero isn’t it?

Thanks to Lisa for sharing these with us today.

Photography Credit: Ophelia Photography


  1. Wow – It’s brilliant to see a shoot where the groom (to be) steals the show. What an amazing photo shoot!

  2. Fiona i was just thinking the same thing! lovely to see a grooms personality and fun side on show as well as a bride’s x

  3. danusia

    oh… i didn’t like it a bit. sorry. (am i the only one that think this is beyond tacky? he should dress up like batman for halloween or something).

  4. It is tacky in a way but I so get this. It is beyond wonderful!!!!! Of course there are still some amazing photos of the two without batman. But what girl wouldn’t want to kiss Batman?

  5. rob

    absolutely aweschome! I was in two minds at first, but so totally getting it now. gorgeousness 🙂

  6. John

    Schtunning! And not tacky, badly composed, or even poorly processed at all! High 5!

  7. Heee! It takes all kinds, we’re all different, and I’d quite like a grown up batman suit myself. Creative photography, fun and entertainment – don’t judge, just enjoy. Brilliant. I wonder about the wedding…

  8. Hello Everyone,

    Photographer of the Batman shoot here. Thank you for your feedback. For me this was something that came to me in a dream and it was not until I met the “perfect” couple…a.k.a Crystal and Darren that this came to be.

    Described as tacky…..is interesting….a least it is not boring or “the same”. I choose to take it as a compliment. Rather then be a sheep and folow the same old trends, we did something different. Something that pushed the boundries a little.

    Thank you to all of you like minded people who get it…..my favorite comment is “mental but brilliant.” It is crazy, and at the same token so much fun!!!

    Ironically, there wedding was very traditional…..scottish kilts, garden wedding at a mansion in west Vancouver, BC. I love this couple.

  9. John Sinclair

    very cool! different strokes for different folks. the guy gets a few pics of him in the batman costume and they did a few “traditional” shots sans-costume. everyone wins!


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