Carly & John’s Laid Back, Offbeat Wedding

May 5, 2011

Carly & John’s wedding had a laid back and simple vibe. It was important to them to keep their day genuine, and all their planning and thematic ideas really came about organically. The ceremony took place in Edogawa Japanese Gardens, East Gosford, Australia.

“We didn’t really have a theme, everything kinda just happened organically with us making decisions about venues, outfits and decorations as they came up,” Carly explained. “In the end it was a blend of colour, asian themes with a Rock n Roll twist. The wedding fully represented us as a couple. The ceremony was completely hand crafted for us by our celebrant Sarah Tolmie (love and life inspirations). Instead of the traditional ceremony Sarah started the ceremony with acknowledging aboriginals as the the traditional custodians of the land where we were married, followed by her sharing our story of how we met and how our love grew. She then read out why both of us love the other to our guests, and then instead of vows we used askings that would be the foundations of marriage and how we would strive to behave through out it.”

“Our reception was at Lizottes Restaurant, which is a local dinner/music venue,” the bride continued. “It was perfect for us, relaxed but still quite quirky and funky. I didn’t need to decorate the place too much as it already had awesome artworks on the walls.  We just added handmade table runners from this really cool asian styled material. No white table cloths for us! We used Lucky beer bottles as the vases and a friend of mine who is a florist created a bunch of native Australian flowers. All the flowers were native australian plants/flowers and even included gum drops. I wanted ther flowers to be natural and bright looking and definately wanted to steer clear of white roses.”

Carly wore a dress by Chrissy Wai-Ching, an offbeat designer from Seattle. Carly was able to help with the design process and Chrissy even made John’s tie to match.

Huge love and thanks to Carly & John for sharing their awesome offbeat wedding with us today

Photography Credit: Linda Wales Photography
Ceremony Venue: Edogawa Japanese Gardens, East Gosford, Australia
Reception Venue: Lizottes Restaurant, Kincumber, Australia
Bride’s Dress: Chrissy Wai-Ching
Bride’s Earrings: Tree of Life
Bride’s Necklace: Vintage
Cake Topper: DIY
Drummers for Ceremony: The Rhythm Hut


  1. I love the individuality! The dress, whilst beautiful and classical from the front is so unusual and inspirational from the back. <3

  2. Oh Wai-Ching, how I love thee. I love her dresses with blue and with green. I love them outdoors. I love them in ballrooms. I love them being fitted in her studio….It is a very fond dream to have some fab bride pair one of my garters with a Wai-Ching dress.

  3. The dress is certainly unique and rather gorgeous, wonderful photography, not keen on the smoking ones but thats just me.

  4. can you add Sarah Tolmie, celebrant for the ceremony. Carly and John were really happy with my work. It would be great to be acknowledged too! Thanks, Sarah

  5. Lovely themes – I remember passing that restaurant often on a holiday at the start of the year in the area and thinking it looked cool, gives me incentive to visit next time!

  6. Wow, Love these photos! Was such a pleasure doing your flowers Carly and John. I know you had a ball that day. Wishing you all the happiness in the world!

    BTW -Great website Rock and Roll Bride! Finally somewhere I can send my brides to be for some genuine, UNIQUE inspiration.

    To the brides-to-be reading this- be unafraid of BEING YOURSELVES on your wedding day. You will never regret doing what comes naturally. Let this extend to all the choices you make for your special day! Waaaahhhooooo!!!

  7. Ruth

    I love that train! I already have an ivory dress for my wedding in October but would love a cape/bolero in similar colours and style to this…any ideas where I can source one in the UK?

  8. Petsie

    Stumbled across this searching rainbow dresses and I’m in love! Did you have much trouble dealing with Chrissy from Australia at all? And how did you go about it? I’d feel a little uncomfortable ordering a dress from half way across the world but I’d hate to get it remade here as a rip off.


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