Teaser: A Sense of Culture – A Photography Exhibition for the Museum of Reading

Not that many people realise this but I’m from Reading, a town about 40 miles out of London. I’ve never really done that much ‘stuff’ in my home town as to be honest, pretty much everything happens in London and that’s where about 90% of my contacts are. However when local photographer Neil Horne of Eye Imagine Photography called me and asked if I’d like to be included in an exhibition he was putting together for the Museum of Reading entitled ‘A Sense of Culture’, where he’d be photographing a selection of artists in the town…well I jumped at the chance. Hell, I went to this museum on primary school trips!

The shoot took place yesterday and here are just a few teaser pictures of what we got up to.

The preview show for the main exhibition will be held in the Museum of Reading from 14th May 2011 and the main show, featuring 60 images of local artists and celebrities, will be showing in May 2012. The images will also be published in a real life book! ‘A Sense of Culture’ will be available from May 2012.

The exhibition and book are being put together by Neil Horne to support local charities – Starmaker the Children’s Theatre group and Jelly Leggd Chicken Art, both of which develop and support emerging creative talent in Reading.

…And if you do happen to come to my little town to see either shows, please do drop me an email, if I’m free I’d love to meet you for a drink!

Dress: Tobi Hannah, Cara
Shoes: Rachel Simpson
Bow/Veil Combo: Sharper Millinery
Necklace: Magpie Vintage
Sunglasses: Model’s Own (Superdry)
Boots: Model’s Own (Superdry)

Photography Credit: Eye Imagine Photography
Hair & Make Up: Charlotte Elizabeth


  1. RachyLou

    I’d love to see this exhibition! Even though I’ve been living in Portsmouth for the past 9 months or so, I’m from Windsor and have many fond memories of hopping on a train to Reading to go shopping for the day! I was there last week, in fact. Still a Berkshire girl at heart 😉 xo

  2. Elle

    Fabulous, I used to work there, its such a great museum, everyone should go and visit!!

  3. Allison - Magic Photography

    Love these! 🙂 I also live in Reading so would love to come and see it! 🙂

  4. Lucinda

    I can’t believe you are from Reading, I live so close to Reading, go to university there and I’m getting married at Highfield Park 🙂 Will definitely head into town and have a look at the exhibition when it is on.

    P.S I love that dress and the bow on your veil is lush!!!!

  5. The first photo took my breath away, the sun glasses photos made me smile, the serious studies made me gape, you are a truly amazing young lady Kat, you never cease to astound me with your many talents and I am a huge admirer of you and probably always will be, you are getting me through my recuperation period nicely and I thank you for that.

  6. koren

    good old reading!!! looks fab tho, did many people stop when they saw you standing there in a wedding dress??

  7. Emily

    Have been a lurker for ages, but I live in Reading and would love to come to the exhibit! It all looks amazing, can’t wait to see it!


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