Laura & Ian’s Hollywood Glamour Wedding

Three week’s ago photographer Annamarie Stepney was in Reading (where I live) so she popped by to say hello…to my cats. Yeah people never come to see me any more, it’s all about the internet sensations that are Henry & Rachel! Anyway, as we walked Henry round the back garden on his lead (I kid you not) she was telling me all about the wedding she was shooting the next day….at my wedding venue…well in actual fact, what should have been my wedding venue. You see, as soon as Gareth & I got engaged, I knew I wanted to have our wedding at The Forbury Hotel. It’s an amazing venue and I wanted it. Bad. But sad face for us, it was already booked on our day. However I am really excited to see how Laura & Ian’s Rock n Roll wedding turned out at the venue that should have been mine!

The wedding had a glamorous Hollywood theme. With Laura being a hair & make up artist, she sees a lot of weddings in her work, so she was keen that their wedding was really different. “We had a very short think about a theme and instantly came up with old Hollywood glamour!” Laura told me. “We both love old fashioned styles and music. As a hair and make-up artist I absolutely love this era its beauty and artistic flare.”

“It could never have been anything else for us. All our guests spent hundreds on outfits and everyone conformed to our theme! Very well dressed wedding. We thought it was really nice for ladies too, to wear the outfits they always are dying to wear but would usually feel too overdressed or think they might upstage the bride. At our wedding there was no such thing as too overdressed!”

The couple really went all out with their theme, DIYing a lot of the details and hiring a popcorn machine, a photo booth and a 1952 yellow buick convertible (“Which is the car that all our feature stars on the day – Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Audrey Hepburn etc used as their chauffeurs” Laura continued.) The couple even made their own invites to look like a cinema ticket stub with an ‘admit one’ part for the RSVP.

Thanks to Laura & Ian for sharing their day and to photographer Annamarie Stepney for sending over her fabulous images.

Photography Credit: Annamarie Stepney Photography
Ceremony Venue: St John’s Evangelist Church, Woodley
Reception Venue: The Forbury Hotel, Reading
Bride’s Dress: Alan Hannah, Melita
Bride’s Shoes: DIY (friend)
Bride’s Tiara: Retro bridal on eBay
Bride’s Veil: Bride to Be
Bride’s Jewellery: Highland Angel
Groom’s Outfit: Limehaus
Bridesmaid Dresses: Courtesan Boutique
Cake: Alexander Taylor
Flowers: Bouquets and Favours
Pianist: Hannah found through Alive Network
DJ: Entyce Entertainment
Hair: Liz Patey 07990647648
Make Up: Liza Hayward 07931474369
Photo Booth: Rentabooth



  1. Colene


    Our wedding is Hollywood glam, we have ticket invitations, popcorn boxes and a 1955 Chevy Belaie…

    Good to see how nice it’s all going to look!!!

  2. Sheri

    That is one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen! With the headpiece and the feather bouquet…stunning!

  3. Haha Kat although your cats are seriously cute, I did want to see you too – hehe (honest!)…and I really loved the walkies in the garden!

    It was a fab wedding and a pleasure to capture for Laura and Ian!

    Thanks to all who’ve left such lovely comments -bonus! 🙂 xxx

  4. Pickle

    Aw this wedding is so sweet! It left me wanting to see more pics, especially of the the guest’s attire!

  5. koren roberts

    thats where i live!!!
    wow nice to see a wedding in reading, looks amazing!!

  6. Post author

    me too koren. i love this venue. i want to live there. Ive actually tried to persuade gareth to let us stay there one night but he said ‘no its pointless as we live 10 mins away’ boooo!

  7. Tina

    It was a great wedding – we all worked hard to make it just right. Thanks to everyone who went all out with their attire. For spectacular wedding hair and make up give Laura a call 07921361640. x

  8. koren

    i wanna stay here too, they even have a cinema!! I would totally do it if i had the spare £200 odd quid a night for the room!!

    Tina what are laura’s prices like for make up????

  9. tina

    Hi Koren,

    Laura’s prices differ slightly depending on what you are after, but she is very reasonable and awesome. Give her a call!

  10. Benita Wheeler

    I love the creative ideas of this wedding especially the usage of feathers. It is sweet and has that touch of glamour.

  11. OMG love this! I was so close to having Alan Hannah Melita as my wedding dress…..still holds a special places in my heart!!xxx


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