Elhaam & Mat’s Labyrinth-Inspired, Venetian Ball Wedding

This New York City couple wanted a super glam wedding with a twist…one that really reflected them as a couple, “On November 12, 2010, Mat and I were married at Capitale in NYC in front of 200 guests,” the bride, Elhaam, explained. “I’m originally from Georgia, with Iranian ancestry, and Mat is from Leeds, UK, so we wanted to incorporate British, American and Persian elements with our own personalities and style to make the wedding truly our own. We’re both in the music industry and that obviously played a huge role in the wedding too.”

“Our wedding was loosely inspired  by the ballroom scene from the David Bowie flick The Labyrinth. The film is about a journey and coming out a better person at the end through your relationships. Mat and I definitely went through a journey to find each other. He from Leeds, UK, and me from Alpharetta, Georgia, and both of us following our love of music to NYC where we meet and fall in love.”

“Some of the wedding features include antique candelabras dripping with wax, hanging green amaranthus, old European flowers, and moody lighting to capture that feeling from the ballroom scene in the Labyrinth,” she continued. “We had a masked ball reception with Venetian masks, live performances by artists like Marfa Lights and U.S Royalty, some celebrity guests, amazing food, and non stop dancing provided by DJ Cat Hartwell from indie band Holy Hail.”

“What made our wedding so special is that it reflected who we are, complete with a killer soundtrack (since we are both in the music biz), great fashion (the bridesmaids dresses are all custom made by James Coviello, groom’s 60’s inspired skinny suits from Topman, my customized gown by  Lazaro and Mat’s custom suit by Against Nature), our joint customs and backgrounds melted together into the ceremony, the ring blessing, and all the love from our 200 guests.”

These guys are so gorgeous! Be sure to check out their awesome (and funny…most hilarious groom response to ‘I give you this ring’ possibly ever) video too…


Thanks to much to the stunning Elhaam & her husband Mat for sharing their day with us. Big love to their photographers Kellie & Rupert for sending over her images too.

Photography Credit: 4 Eyes Photography
Video Credit: TJ Misny
Venue, Food, Cake: Capitale, NYC
Bride’s Dress: Lazaro from Kleinfelds
Groom’s Suit, Accessories, & Wedding Band: Against Nature
Groom’s Shoes: Paul Smith
Bridesmaid Dresses: James Coviello
Florist: In Bloom
Venetian Masks: House of Masquerades
DJ: Cat Hartwell
Custom Bar: Luxe Event Decor
Rentals: Ruth Fischl
Invitations: Custom Illustration by Pretty as a Picture
Calligraphy: Joanne Day
Hair: Devachan
Makeup: Lilly Rivera of Bridal Ga


  1. What a gorgeous wedding!!! LOVE the bridesmaid tights, the photography, the centerpeices, the bride, EVERTHING IS PHENOMENAL!

  2. Belinda…this is gonna sound really weird but was it at a lighthouse??! I think my husband knows yours (they were in a crx club together?)
    Ask him if he knows a pink haired girl called kat williams married to gareth williams!

    i only know this cos gareth said his friend got married to a wedding photographer (with the same name as you) in NYC – too many coincidences?

  3. Christie

    Very cool wedding! And Labyrinth inspiration? Yep this 80’s child is all over that.

  4. Hi Kat, gorgeous photography! I really like the third picture in the post of the bride and the groom. It’s kind of very candid yet so dramatic with the sun rays. And what also caught my attention was the bridesmaids’ stockings! So unique and so worth to follow if I’ll have a rock and roll-themed wedding. 🙂

  5. Desiree

    What a beautiful wedding! Those bridesmaids! That beautiful bride! The Ewan McGregor-like Groom! And that video! Love.love.love this post Kat!

  6. Hoda

    Beautiful beautiful wedding!!! Wow to everything! The bride, the groom, the music, the bridesmaids, the clothes, the venue…just stunning.

  7. Wow, wow, wow -so gorgeous! I love the movie and can definitely see all the dreamy inspiration pulled from it. Wish I knew if the vows or speeches included “You remind me of the babe.” 😉

  8. This is crazy! I’m getting married on the same date this year, we’re also taking our photos in Washington Square park, AND I got a similiar Lazaro dress from Kleinfelds. My my my this bride has FANTASTIC taste. 😉


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