1950s Old School Glamour Wedding: David & Kelly

Let's Frolic Together

July 30, 2013


David and Kelly’s wedding was held at The Riviera Palm Springs Resort. The day have a classic 1950s retro vibe with monochrome details and elegant and timeless glamour throughout.

“The inspiration for our wedding was classic, retro glamour”, explained Kelly. “I love everything that embodies the 1950s: the cars, the clothing, the glamour. Women were so put together in such a classy way. I’m a sucker for the old glamour and how people dressed to a ‘T’ back in those days. People dressed up when they went out. They took pride in their appearances. Short shorts and flip-flops did not cut it when going out on the town. I’m just very classic and ‘old school’ when it comes to these types of details. I feel that I represent this ideal everyday (even though I do own a pair of flip flops and do wear them every once in a while!)”


“There was so much attention to detail back then, especially in the craftsmanship of the automobiles. I wanted to incorporate all of these beautiful details in our wedding. It’s what we love and it is what we appreciate. The most important for us was for our wedding to represent who we are as individuals and as a couple. I did not want to walk down the aisle looking like someone I am not. I did not want to be unrecognizable or look different from who I really am. Of course, the glamour was heightened, but I feel like our wedding was very representative of us. It wasn’t forced. We weren’t trying to be someone else on that day. I think you have to stay true to yourself, even when you are feeling pressure from others…. that to me is Rock n Roll.”


“We knew that we wanted our 1956 Plymouth incorporated into the wedding, somehow”, she continued. “We purchased the Plymouth together when we had been dating for only three months. We bought the car together, even registering it in both or our names. Family and friends thought we were crazy and I frequently got the question ‘well who gets the car if you break up?’ We knew it was right and we never thought ‘what if we break up?’ The car is a symbol of our relationship and everything that we enjoy doing together. We have had so many great memories already and we look forward to many more as we continue to restore this car together. We will be focusing on the restoration of our Plymouth now that we had our wedding.”


“Our wedding wasn’t cheap. We spent way more than we anticipated and ended up closer to $35,000 than our original budget of $20,000! We spent a bulk of our budget on the venue. We really wanted a setting that would speak for itself. We did not want to have to get married in a place where we had to cover in décor. The history and the details of the Riviera stood on its own. To us it was completely worth it!! We originally agreed (due to family pressure) to a venue that did not represent who we are. Fortunately we pulled out of the venue four months before our wedding and started the search for another one. The Riviera was perfect for us and represented the old Hollywood rat pack vibe that we love. I know we would have regretted getting married in a venue that pleased others, rather than ourselves. I think that would have been our biggest regret.”


“To counter-balance this we saved a lot of money on flowers. I’m a simple gal and I did not want or need flowers all over the place. We went with mini calla lilies with some feathers worked for the bouquets. I was a happy person. We went with alternative centerpieces that did not require a large amount of flowers. We also had chandeliers hanging from the gazebo over flowers.”

“There were many favorite moments”, Kelly concluded, “but I think one that sticks out to me is when Dave walked down from the gazebo to get me so I would not have to walk down the aisle alone. I did not have anyone to walk me down the aisle so he did it. Just seeing him walking to come get me was one of the most amazing moments.”