Thursday Treats – 3rd February 2011 + A Farewell to bid tv (plus video of me on the telly!)

Credit: French Playboy via Audrey Kitching Oh lala. Reminds me a little of my Paris shoot!

As most of you will know, I left my full time job last week. It was an emotional weekend of saying goodbye for me but I’ve certainly hit the ground running with this full time blogging thing (two photo shoots in one week? Am I mad?!)

As Sunday was my last shift at the shopping channel, I decided I’d go on air to model the last piece of jewellery I’d ever sell (I was a producer you see.) Peter Simon, my presenter, who I’ve worked with for the last 2 and a half years, said a very emotional goodbye to me (can you see me holding back the tears?!) and the crew made a funny slate to put in the backscreen!

Anyway, I wanted to share the video with those of you that missed it or couldn’t get the joy that is bid tv on your own tele-boxes. Get the tissues ready!

Boohoo! Ok on with the fun stuff…

Brigitta and Viktor’s RAINBOW Wedding
♥ Twinkie Chan is super cute. I love this personal post. InstaModel
♥ Zach and Bree’s camp-out engagement sesh
Coastal farm inspiration
♥ Lauren & David’s colourful & charming wedding
Spanish Bridal Fashion + Mexican Pastels
Max Wanger has posted more shots from the awesome shoot – I know I featured one of these images last week, but I couldn’t resist sharing this again. Check out the rad video too.
♥ Quirky & Sweet Southern Elopement

Sweet Treats & Fancy Buttonscheck out those shoes baby!
♥ Girls lingerie party!
♥ An “Amélie” inspired engagement shoot!
♥ Pink Christmas Wedding!
Does anyone know who made this ring? I NEED IT!
♥ Bree + Andy’s Hip DC Wedding
♥ Jen & Joey’s Vintage Vibe
Jasmine Star I love you. Jasmine + Jose Villa = WOW!

♥ Alternative Short Gown Looks – Vintage Space-Age Bride
DIY Vintage Doily Necklace
Intimate Engagement CelebrationI love her black dress
Vintage chic love fest
♥ Knit Picksway too cute
Check out Gemma Kenward’s beautiful drawings and illustrated shoes! – via Sweet Dream Events
♥ Todd’s post makes me yearn to go back to Tokyo
Vintage Trailer love! – this knitted cover is THE coolest thing ever

Emma Case’s Anniversary video also made me cry

This perfectly stunning video was created by photographer Lara Jade. Thanks so much for sharing it Lara!


  1. It’s a shocker of a post today. First boobage (thank goodness I don’t share my office), then Peter ‘double dare’ Simon. A cracker!
    ps, i want a knitted cover for my van now!

  2. Roxy

    Oh! Parting is such sweet sorrow!

    Loving Brigitta and Viktor’s Rainbow Wedding! Her little rainbow dress is fantastical!!

  3. Peri

    oh i love your Thursday Treats!!!

    i love it all!

    love the video!

    and love the song attached to Emma Cases video! can’t decide whether to go to Scotland to see Angus and Julia Stone or not! ( i live in Kent by the way haha!) xx

  4. Jen

    I must agree the first pic was a shock. I read your blog in downtime at work, in a cubicle, at a company that would very much frown on that. I’m not offended, but didn’t expect that from this otherwise safe for work blog. Guess I’ll just have to wait till I get home to read it anymore…can’t take the risk of a write-up for “adult material” (don’t worry, I’ll still read tho. I love the blog!)

  5. Glad I can read your blog from the comfort/privacy of my iPhone 😉
    Loved the featured shoot of Jasmine + JD.
    Super sweet video from bid tv.

  6. Post author

    tell me about it Rhianne. I love Peter so much! very very lovely man and one of my best friends. I will miss him so much not seeing him every weekend

  7. claudine

    I love Thursday treats, i really do. I can’t handle all the inspiration. Too many fabulous ideas.


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