Quay & Jory’s DIY, Maui Wedding

Quay & Jory were married under a giant tree, on the beach in Maui, Hawaii. “The wedding was very non traditional,” photographer Molly Marie told me. “It was a gay wedding, almost everything was DIY, both girls love tattoos, and planned the entire wedding themselves.  The wedding was not for anyone else but them, pure love.  However they knew family wouldn’t be able to attend easily as they are from Eau Claire, WI,  so photography was a very important part of the wedding to them.”

Thanks to Quay & Jory and their photographer Molly for sharing these beautiful images with us today

Photography Credit: Molly Marie Photography
Reception Venue: Grand Wailea, Maui
Quay’s (red head) Dress: DIY (Quay’s Mother)
Quay’s Headpiece: DIY
Bridesmaid Dress: DIY (Quay’s Mother)


  1. I think that getting married under a beautiful tree (especially one that has lived through hundreds and hundreds of years and experienced such great history) – is so romantic!

  2. Cynthia

    This is so awesome. The tree is perfect, the waterfall is Gorgeous, and I am supremely jealous of the lantern-lighting. Congratulations you two!


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