DIY Wedding with a Love Heart Theme

Mona Ali Photography

October 9, 2016


Shen and Eva’s wedding was inspired by Shen’s love of red hearts and how they’ve decorated their home. “After I purchased my dress (the red one), and as an extension of our home decor, we had lots of love hearts everywhere in the wedding”, said Shen. “The day had a little bit of us all over it – from Marvel to Minions with some vintage cameras (as a nod to my work) and music thrown in. Everyone said to us how personal it all was with all the little touches,”


“I think for me the main thing I loved about our wedding was probably our dresses”, explained Eva. “They really stood out! We originally both said we were going to go for fitted suits because neither of us are particularly girly, we are forever in jeans and shirts. Shen came across a limited edition dress online from Vivien Of Holloway, she showed me and I really liked it too. When I saw Shen in it, I was completely blown away, she looked stunning! At that point I was still thinking of wearing a suit but seeing her in it convinced me I should get a dress too.”


“I wanted one in white with red hearts to fit the theme but Vivien Of Holloway didn’t do one like that so the hunt began! I saw a beautiful dress on Rock n Roll Bride by Oh My Honey so I got in touch with Louise who was more than happy to help. She knew exactly what I wanted and made it for me, all I had to do was send over my measurements. I was a bit worried at first about it not fitting when it arrived but it was absolutely perfect and I was over the moon with it! My dress cost me a total of £123 so anyone looking for a non traditional dress I highly recommend Louise at Oh My Honey. Shen’s dress was about £90 too, so we saved loads steering away from traditional dresses or even our initial suit idea.”


“Our life-size Minion seaside board was also pretty unique and popular with our guests. It was hand painted by one of our friends who did an amazing job. We since had to part ways with it – we didn’t think storage through at all! But we gifted it to another Rock n Roll Bride couple, and we hope they’ll do the same, I want to see how far they can travel!”


“We had a temporary tattoo station . Shen won £50 won of vouchers for Awesome Merchandise so we got some cute little vectors online and put them on a sheet and got loads of tattoos – the finger moustaches, cats and unicorns proved to be super popular! We also had a sweet bar, a pork pie cake and sausage feast for the evening, all went down a storm!”


The hardest part of wedding planning for this pair was doing it all on a budget. “We spent £5500 in the end (nailed it!)” said Shen, “but at times it was hard to keep track of the budget. As we were DIYing a lot, we’d pick up things here and there and kind of lost track of the smaller purchases. All the BIG stuff was accounted for but the little things can quickly mount up.”


“Aside from the obvious of marrying the love of my life (and the ceremony itself) my favourite part of the day was seeing all of our friends and family in the same room all chatting and enjoying themselves”, Shen explained.


“I wish we could have just frozen time”, said Eva. “The whole day went so so fast! I really enjoyed setting the hall up with our friends on the Friday and then coming in the next day and seeing how amazing it looked! It was so much better than I had ever imagined. The whole day was just the best and the love from our day was just immense!”