Kirsten & David’s Folk Wedding

Kirsten and David’s beautifully folky, Cape Town wedding is the pure essence of why I love my Rock n Roll Brides. Pretty much their whole wedding was crafted from either second-hand or vintage items, and the majority of the details were hand-made. They had home-made pie instead of a wedding cake and they put together all the centrepieces and flowers (bouquets & bridesmaid’s headbands) themselves. “We pretty much made all the decor, even the tablecloths and runners,” Kirsten told me. “We had so many friends helping us the month before and went a bit overboard with ideas, but it was so much fun! We also made sure (almost completely) that we had finished everything we wanted to do before the last week so that we could spend some good time with all our friends, and made it a big celebration.”

Kirsten wore a second-hand dress that a friend gave her with leather Oxfords on her feet. All of the jewellery she wore was found at various markets and antique stores. For David’s outfit, he went and picked out his own material at a fabric shop with his friends and then they all drove to Mexico (David is from San Diego) and found a cheap tailor to make his suit! “Of course he left this to the week before he moved to South Africa,” Kirsten laughed, “so he only got to see if it fit him the week of the wedding! Mexicans can tailor good!”

The bucking of tradition didn’t stop there. The couple decided to leave the floor open to speeches, to make the whole process more of an organic one. “It was so nice as the wedding felt so spontaneous,” Kirsten said. “We had the oldest man there singing to us, and the youngest man (9) said the next speech.” Finally, instead of a traditional exit, the couple left on a tandem, “little tricky in a wedding dress but was really fun!” said the bride.

Big love and thanks to Kirsten & David for sharing their beautiful wedding (be sure to check out their adorable video invitation here too!) and much love to their awesome photographers We Love Pictures for all the photographic goodness.

Photography Credit: We Love Pictures
Venue: Laq de chamonix, Franshhoek, Cape Town, South Africa
Bride’s Dress: Second-hand (gift)
groom’s Outfit: Custom
Reception Décor: All DIY


  1. Claire

    This is so stunning. I saw it a few weeks ago on a photographers blog and bookmarked it for future reference. Perfection!

  2. Ahhh how gorgeous are these guys!!! Oooh and so in love.. Love everything about this.. i seem to adore every South African wedding you post. Stunning!

  3. jennie

    I wish we could have outdoor weddings like this one in England. I love the story about the boys getting their suits made…what a great idea.

  4. A real corker, Kat: their genuine affection for each other shines through, and looks like it was a rollicking day. Also noting the fella’s neckerchiefs – very hick Beau Brummel meets country squire, which is always good. X

  5. okay, rachel – theWeddingVine, you READ my mind. dapper and everything, it’s exactly what I was going to say, ha. i love their look and the whole vibe of the wedding, for sure!

  6. Wow! I love everything about this wedding… beautiful light, stunning scenery, handmade/vintage details everywhere you look, smiling faces and a massive dollop of personality! It’s a photographer’s dream!

  7. Joyce Young

    It was even better being at the wedding! Lovely pictures!

    David and Kirsten you, family and friends are wonderful!


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