“It’s My Party”…Come Rock n Roll With Me in April!

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Applications for this party are now closed

Remember the last Rock n Roll party? It was totally awesome! However this time I’m going bigger and BETTER! I’m hiring out a whole bar in central London (Soho) on Thursday 14th April 2011 from 6.30 – midnight for the party to end all parties…and guess what? You’re ALL invited. Brides, photographers, suppliers/vendors, bloggers, wedding obsessives…all of you! And the reason for this little get together? Well…cos parties are fun right?!

The last party was pretty popular. I organised it in just two weeks and just had a small area of a bar reserved. Even though a lot of people couldn’t come because it was so last minute, over 100 people still turned up! I was a little blown away by it all and so needless to say I’m now expecting this one to be just as popular. The venue has a capacity of 200 people. There will be a DJ, cupcakes and a photo booth (hopefully complete with silly props – if you have any you’d like to bring please do!) to keep you entertained as well and lots of yummy cocktails and lots of lovely people to talk to! I really hope you can make it!

As we have exclusive use of the bar, they have told me I can decorate and bring anything I like. I already have the cakes and the photographer covered, but if you are a supplier and think you have something to offer that would improve the party still (I’m thinking décor style stuff/sweets etc but I’m open to suggestions) please drop me an email and we can chat.

Because I’m anticipating this to be pretty popular (I hope!) I’m not going to publish the venue here, the bar have informed me that 200 is the absolute max they want to take and I don’t want people to be turned away. That would suck majorly.

So, to keep it fair, I’ve set up form below for you to sign up for if you want to attend. Please do sign up, even if we are friends and I’ve said I want you to come. It’s the easiest way for me to keep track of numbers and give the guest list to the venue before hand. If you want to bring a guest/partner that’s fine, but I’d ask that you sign them up separately for the same reason. There will be guys on the door and if your name isn’t on the list, you ain’t comin’ in!

Depending on how many people apply, names will be selected randomly to keep it fair. You have until Sunday 13th February (that’s just over 2 weeks) to register your interest. After that I’ll be sending a digital invite to your inbox if you’re successful in bagging yourself an invite informing you of the location and all that jazz.

I really hope you can make it and if the last party is anything to go by, it’s set to be a pretty wild night I’m sure!

EDIT a few people have asked me how much tickets are and the answer is nothing! All you have to pay for are your drinks (and maybe one for me!)

Applications for this party are now closed


  1. Sounds amazing!! I’ve literally just had a wedding enquiry for the next day so I’m actually hoping they don’t book me so I can have a chance to join the fun, hee hee! This will be the party of the year! x

  2. Oohhh wish i could make it, but doesnt look like it with everything going on. Gemma…pass them this way LOL and then you can go! lol x

  3. Exciting! Remember seeing the photos from the last one and wishing I’d been there, so will keep my fingers’ crossed for joining the fun this time!

  4. Rockin’, what a great idea, would be amazing to meet you and some original and talented industry pro’s, as well as make some new friends. Hoping I get lucky.

  5. Suzanne

    I have registered me and my friend at my email address, she is getting married next year and if get invites I can take her as a birthday surprise!

  6. Wow I agree Josie a very long way since we first met you Kat… from from 12 of us to 200, it’s fab!! All very exciting- let’s hope we make the list x

  7. Would love to be there but have a wedding on for the very next morning, hoping will be free for the next one. Have a blast x

  8. Mia

    Oooh! So exciting! Hope I get on the list! If you need any help with anything, let me know x x x x

  9. My iPhone keeps crashing when I try to send the invite form! Arrrggghhh please send me an invite! I’m really sorry I couldn’t come to the last one, I’m desperate to come to this one though Xx

  10. Lucrezia Polito

    Dear Kat, I’m trying to email you, but I always receive an error message, anyway my message for you is:

    “Dear Kat, it’s quite a year we are following your blog and you’re a real inspiration for us.
    We subscribed to your party almost the same day the news came out on your blog, but didin’t receive any confirmation of that..:!
    These are our emails, maybe there was some trouble with the spam filter? We already bought the flight tickets and booked the hotel in London, so we hope everything’s ok with our subscription!
    Lucrezia Polito lady.simmons@email.it
    Silvia Molin Fop s.molinfop@gmail.com
    Looking forward to hear from you!

  11. Post author

    Lucrezia, I am currently out of the office until Monday.my email has crashed since I’ve been out but I will reply to u when I get back to work. However as I said in this post, the tickets have been allocated randomly,it wasn’t first come first served so if u haven’t received an invite already then I’m sorry but u won’t have got one
    Unf not everyone who applied could get in…nearly 500 people applied for tickets and the capacity of the party is only 200


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