Ashleigh & Daniel’s Rainbow Engagement

Hello rainbow hair! I’m actually having a bit of a rainbow tresses obsession at the moment, so as soon as I saw these shots of Ashleigh & Daniel’s engagement session I was smit!

Ashleigh’s fab dress is from Hot Topic.

Love love love! Huge thanks to photographer Hunter for sharing these today

Photography Credit: Three Nails Photography


  1. Lotte

    OMG I L.O.V.E. the hair. I had a dream about hair like that, and here it is, an actual fricking reality!
    Cute pics too 🙂

  2. i can’t imagine how much effort it must be to maintain hair like that! it looks amazing, but i mean i only have two colours and it takes me forever to separate them and they are always running into each other (pink + blue = most of my hair is now purple). i am well and truly in awe of her mad skills x

  3. cher

    I love this, it is right up my street! Ashleigh has got some powerful eyes! and she’s so pretty when she smiles. such a cute couple 🙂

  4. Ronnie

    She’s beautiful, but I really wish she would have smiled more. Her smile is gorgeous, and she just looks so sad in too many of these.

  5. Alexis Claire

    My first reaction “Why isn’t that girl smiling!? She’s getting married for goodness sake!”

    The last few pics were fun though. Her dress was fab too.


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