Faux Fur in Leopard Print – Gorgeous Glaswegian Vintage Engagement

It’s the 1st of Decemeber, and what better way to start of this freezing month than a chilly but beautiful British engagement session? Everyone knows I am Emma Case’s biggest fan, and engagement sessions like Debs & Richie’s are the reason why. Quite apart from the trademark Emma Case gorgeousness, this couple are just too cool for words. Faux fur in leopard print, denim turn ups and helium balloons all make me smile.

Big Love to my buddy Emma for sharing this gorgeous Glaswegian couple with us today

Photography Credit: Emma Case Photography


  1. deborah

    I have woken up this morning smiling like a cheshire cat!!…I can’t believe Im on Rock n Roll Bride..Yipppee!! I have been following your blog since I got engaged and found the lovely Emma Case on your blog!! X

  2. claire

    What a gorgeous fabulous couple who have lots of charisma and style…. !
    Looking foward to seeing the wedding picture’s and what treats that may be in store, especially with Emma Case and her wonderful eye for a good picture. x


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