Thursday Treats – 4th November 2010 (+ Rock n Roll Bride Stars in a French Music Video!)

Photography Credit: Via We Heart It

So November hits and the whole nation gets the flu virus, that’s the rule right? Yeah well me too. Boooo! In between coughing, sneezing and Gareth telling me to get the hell off the computer and ‘rest’, I have still managed to secure some pretty delightful treats for you all this week. Yey me!

I hope you’re not poorly sick too…but if you are, may this selection of tasty morsels nurse you back to full recovery…

First up, a few little brags for me… 
♥ HUGE congrats to my friend Lisa Devlin for winning Wedding Photographer of the Year! The British Journal of Photography even mentioned me in their article announcing her as the winner. Champers all round!
♥ Remember when I posted my Rock n Revolution photo shoot, I told you that during the shoot I was asked to be in a french music video? Well reader Caroline only went and found it online! How hilarious is this!? Funniest thing? I recognise some of the other participants from our strolls around the city!

Tim Burton inspired wedding
Sarah Seven’s romantic, handmade frocks for Spring 2011
♥ Quick and dirty diy projects: a no-sew flower garland
How to use Social Media in the “Engagement Season”
♥ Where Luxury and Social Media Intersect  “Be a real person. Treat others like they’re real people. This works just as well online as it does in the offline world”
Paul and Krystal’s big day…
5 New Ways to Accessorize Your Bridal Look
Sweet Proposal
re_vinyl clocks
Cake flags & bunting – so cute!
The coolest ever wedding show booth?
Michael & Chantale’s Charming Ceremony
The Widow Of The Manor

Rainbow Ranch // Kendra & Chris
Mummy Gloves &Daisy Headband DIY by Twinkie Chan
DIY Floating Boat Place Cards
♥ Rockstar wedding on a $5000 budget
Adam + Katie – record store engagement
♥ Stunning DIY French wedding by Emma Case
Eric and Amy’s Fantastic Magical Photobooth
Van Gogh tilt-shift – WOW!
Circus Wedding in Nashville by Sweet Life Designs
Intimate Garden Wedding

Feather Love’s latest Artist’s Workshop is on Dec 12th. Wow. I just love this promo video. ♥

 ♥ Postcards from Italy ♥


  1. I’m not exaggerating when I say I think this Thursday Treats might have changed my life a little bit. I’ve never considered doing one of those photography workshops (they always seemed self-indulgent and over-priced to me) until today. That video from Feather Love Photography inspired me to reconsider. Her photos are stunning and I love her attitude. Nice share, Kat! I’m going to do everything in power to get to one of those when I can. And to boot, when I said as much on her website, she emailed right away with info. What a doll!

  2. Madame LaBrum

    Aww, thanks for posting our wedding pix link – aka “Tim Burton inspired wedding”!!! We had such a blast putting everything together and it was awesome to see it all come to life =) Thanks Kat!!! =)

  3. Nichole

    I tried to trace those dresses in the first picture as I am in LOVE with them but I hit a dead end. Any idea who they’re by?

  4. Post author

    aww sorry girls i dont know where those dresses are from! they look designer tho. i hope you find something similar. maybe you could get one made like that?! it is utterly gorgeous!

  5. Hi Kat, this is my first comment on your gorgeous blog!
    Do you Know by chance where the Tim Burton Inspired Bride bought her wedding dress?

    Thank you for this blog, it’s creative and astonishing…Keep rockin’


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