Under the Spotlight – Turtle Love Co.

October 6, 2010

Nested Pearl Engagement Ring Set

Recycled, reclaimed and ethically sourced wedding jewellery is always popular with Rock n Roll Brides but often very difficult to come across. I don’t know how long I’ve scoured the inter-webs looking for that perfectly rustic and charmingly unique ring. However I may have just discovered the answer to all your woes!

Dryad Five Black Diamond Ring (stacked with) Dryad Five Chocolate Diamond Ring
Champagne Diamond Circle Pendant

Turtle Love Co. curates ethically-sourced, handmade designer jewellery from independent artisans and put it all in one, easy to find place. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, a wedding band, or an everyday necklace, Turtle Love Co. has it covered.

Monhegan Moonstone Engagement Ring

Most of the jewellery on their site is made using recycled materials and in accordance with eco-friendly production practices, making it that much cooler and leaving you rest-assured that the sparkly new stone on your finger has been sourced in an ethical way.

The engagement rings in particular are not ones that you would find in your everyday high street shop. Each ring is designed and handmade by an independent artist, not a factory and a lot if the stones are more unusual than what’s offered in the mainstream wedding market.

Water Lily Diamond Engagement Ring and Rose Petal Sterling Silver Necklace

As a bonus, Turtle Love Co. hand package your jewellery themselves and provide you with a story about the individual pieces you’ve bought. How special is that?!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Turtle Love Co. for an ethically-sourced browse right away!

Sterling Silver Orbits Necklace and Earrings