Under the Spotlight – Weston Jewelry

Not all brides want a traditional diamond engagement ring, which is why I love to share companies like Weston Jewelry with you. Vintage or antique engagement rings are particualrly popular with my readers, as are rings with coloured stones such as ruby, emerald or sapphire engagement rings.

Weston Fine Estate Jewelry also carry a large selection of cocktail rings as well as men’s jewellery. They even offer free wordwide shipping and a full 60 day money back guarantee!

Here are some of my favourites from their vast engagement ring selection. Oooh pretties…


  1. Gorgeous!

    I was never going to be a diamond engagement ring kind of girl. I’m all about the amethyst so was incredibly happy to find a vibrant purple stoned ring when we went engagement ring shopping 3 months ago. I love how, whenever I show it off, people always look surprised at first and then delighted with it. It makes me incredibly proud to wear it!


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