Thursday Treats – 16th September 2010

September 16, 2010

Credit: via yeseniachica

♥ This week I was interviewed by Bead Barmy Blog. Want to see me tell it like it is?!
♥ I was also asked ‘what make me feel beautiful?’
Vintage & Japanese styled wedding
♥ It’s like raaaaain on your wedding day
♥ A dramatic modern vintage wedding
DUNNY – get a pair to use as a kooky cake topper!
♥ ‘found objects’ wedding in the woods
Sarah & Eric’s Epic Event
Tokyolux editorial shoot. LOVE!

♥ I am a little bit in love with this Purrrfect Pinapples lingerie!
♥ Keven + Pieter’s Whimsical Fairytale Wedding
Coloured Stone Alternative Wedding Rings
Murakami Mania and Britney Spears dressed as a bride in POP magazine
♥ The results of the Feather Love Artists Workshop. Oh please come to the UK! (plus photos taken by the attendees here, here, and here)
♥ Jasmine Star’s twin sister’s wedding. Succulent and gorgeous.
♥ Wedding Graduates: Britta & Adam
The latest J Crew wedding dresses are LE. SWOON!

♥ Steven Elmer & Kariz-Matik Photography give Rock n Roll Bride some love! ♥

♥ OMG Squeeeeeal! Kitties + Ikea = cute overload ♥