A Sunday Kind of Love – You’re Invited to a Rock n Roll Party!

A little sneak of a cupcake on my new sleeve tattoo using the Retro Camera ap for Android – both of which I heart!

On Wednesday 11th August 2010, a carefully selected bar in Central London (for it’s cocktail making ability) will play host to a large rabble of Rock n Roll Bride readers and a fabulous bunch of photographers, bloggers, make up artists, wedding planners and in fact any kind of wedding professional you can think of! The invite is open to all wedding industry professionals (this one is not really for brides to be – us hard working wedding people need a night off!)

There will be cocktails (lots of cocktails) cupcakes (oh yes!) and sparkle a-plenty but need you to come too! Without you guys I will be sat there on my own…wearing a tiara looking like a sad pink haired loner. Don’t make that happen to me – come party with me instead!

Over the last year the Rock n Roll Bride meets have got steadily bigger and better (and more messy usually) and I want this one to be the best yet! Although sparkle and your best dancing shoes are required, the evening will be a casual one. I’ll be there from about 8pm (start without me if I’m late like last time!) and the evening will just go with the flow. Apart from the time and place nothing is planned so if you just fancy popping down for a drink and to meet some fab people then do it. None of that pretentious networking rubbish I promise…and I (probably) won’t stand up and do an awkward speech. 

If you want to come, drop me an email to kat@rocknrollbride.com with your name and who you are/what you do (photographer, make up artist etc) I’ll then email you back the venue info. I’ll see you there! WOOOHOOO I’m so excited!!!!!!

ps something else to get ridiculously excited about – I am launching the BIGGEST EVER giveaway on the blog next week. Seriously, I have a rather large swag bag of Rock n Roll bootie and I want to give it away to one of you! Don’t miss it.


  1. I’d love to come… I can come on behalf of Wedding magazine as well as a photographer- I’ve sent you an email xx

  2. Post author

    so happy so many of you want to come (email requests coming in thick & fast!) i will responde to you all with the top secret location tomorrow am!

  3. Would love to come, and will do my best to make the trip down to London from Sheffield. have a wedding very close to that date though, so not sure.
    However we are running a little meet up in September up here in Sheffield, would be fab if you could come…………….will email details once we have things finalised!!
    Kelly xxx

  4. Jo

    Sob, wailing, gnashing of teeth, damn it why and I a nurse and not involved in the wedding industry 🙁 Gutted, sad face.

    Will you have an event for brides to be at some point? Pretty please with a cherry on top 🙂

    Jo xx

  5. btw Jo – im launching my BIGGEST EVER giveaway tomorrow at 9am. you wont want to miss out on THAT!

  6. Charlotte @ Restoration Cake

    My cupcakes and I wouldn’t miss it for the world!



  7. We’re sad to miss this at Staggered, but will be rock n’ rolling up and pretending not to network with eachother in your honour. Props for hosting this!


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