A Sunday Kind of Love – Unveiled

July 4, 2010


This weeks Sunday Love nomination has to go to all the lovely people who organised and attended the Unveiled photography event on Thursday. I was asked to speak at the event, hosted by The British Journal of Photography (for those of you that don’t know, the BJP is the oldest and one of the most internationally renowned photography magazines in the UK – eeek) and sponsored by Hasselblad. No pressure then!

I co-hosted a talk on blogging, social networking and alternative wedding photography with the amazing Chloé Browne of Caught the Light Photography. I would have died without her! She was so so awesome. Although I was super nervous beforehand I managed to not fall over and to not make too much of a fool of myself. I wore pretty new shoes and talked about having pink hair & tattoos and about how to be yourself…and I even made people laugh!

So thank you to The British Journal of Photography for inviting us to speak and to all the photographers who attended for listening to our babbles, for asking lots of questions and to the so many of you that came up to me afterwards to tell me you felt inspired and/or you enjoyed our talk. THAAAANK you.

On a final note, I know there were loads of people I didn’t get the chance to talk to. As these things often go, I bet you still had some questions that you never got to ask in the Q&A or afterwards and of course, ever since the event I’ve been thinking of things I wish I’d said, especially on the social networking side. So firstly if you do still have some questions about Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, blogging or finding your own photography style, please feel free to email me! And secondly, if you’re still baffled by social networking, you’ve got to watch this video. It’s pretty inspiring…

I look forward to the next one!


  1. Sarah

    I’m a rock n roll bride because I’m having a alice in wonderland tea party wedding and wearing a purple dress! I’d love to come and meet you Kat!

  2. Teresa

    I’m a rock and roll bride because I have been reading your blog for years and am finally getting married next year and would love to get your opinion on all my wedding plans!!!

  3. Vikki

    I’m a rock and roll bride because metal is a way of life, not just a type of music! And my wedding is all about the hello kitty!

  4. Amy Pearce

    I’m a rock n roll bride because chair covers and green scatter gems make me want to vom!

  5. Helena

    I’m a rock n roll bride because…. I have spent so much of my life feeling different and insecure. When I met my oh he made me accept who I am and gave me the confidence to be different and not be so hard on myself. My wedding is a chance to celebrate this and do what the hell we want, not what people expect of us! Xx

  6. Katy Hatch

    I’m a rock n roll bride because my wedding is about what makes me and my OH! Tradition isn’t as important as the happiness we share and that we want our friends and family to enjoy at our wedding!

  7. Lukas Somarakis

    I am a Rock and Roll groom as I always pre order and pick up RocknRoll Bride magazine for my fiance who loves this blog and is always sending me links and pictures from it. Give me a Rock and Roll wedding over a run of the mill wedding any day!

  8. Catherine Rooney

    I’m a Rock n Roll bride because if I see something that’s been done before I want to tweak it to make it my own. I’m not afraid to be different!

  9. Amy

    I’m a Rock n Roll bride because we are going to make ourselves truly happy on our big day and make decisions based on what we want as a couple. This means that I’m going to need tonnes of inspiration so there are no complaints at our unique wedding! x

  10. Lorrie

    “I’m a Rock n Roll bride because I love all things Rock and Roll! None of the traditional boring stuff let’s throw it out the window and do what we want! Love the freedom of being different and no one telling me it’s not the right way to be. Rock on! “

  11. I’m a rock n roll bride because I want to have the funnest, colourful, awesome, memorable wedding day so my dad who has been living with dementia for the past 7 years gets to live his dream and give his last unmarried daughter away before his disease takes hold. xx (just got 8 weeks to plan all this wedding stuff lol, can’t wait for next rock n roll bride issue so i can get inspired by all the DIY bits!)

  12. Kerr Flucker

    I am a Rock n’ Roll Bride because I am marrying my best friend. Our wedding is going to be a true reflection of who we are together and who we are to each other, filled with all of our passion and history.

  13. I’m a Rock n Roll bride because…ain’t nothing average about me: taller than average, older than average (51) fatter than average, a bit feistier than average! Got a teal wedding dress, a beardy biker h2b who loves rockabilly and a cakey, makey, singy dancy Rocknroll wedding coming up next year. When average doesn’t fit, what else could you be?

  14. Melanie Convey

    I’m a Rock n Roll Bride because I am obsessed with your blog and magazine and I’m not even engaged or ought yet! Give me strength when I am!x

  15. Sas Morse

    I’m a Rock N Roll Bride because I along with my very Rock N Roll OH(He has A Beard)want to do our wedding our way. We don’t want to fit a mold or follow the norm or do what were supposed to do. We want to be who we are because you know what… That’s ok! 🙂

  16. Camilla Stephenson

    I’m a rock n roll bride because my HTB and I have always been unique and were both brought up by alternative parents so our wedding was destined to be a little strange and unusual and it would be great to meet you Kat as I have been following your wise words since our engagement 3 years ago and it has kept me excited that we can have a truly alternative wedding that will represent our lifestyle <3

  17. Nicola Jordan

    I’m a Rock N Roll Bride because my wedding is going to be what me and my partner want, doing it our way, and not what anyone else expects us or tells us to do. I’m determined to make it the happiest day of our lives because we won’t be trying to please anyone but us. We deserve one selfish day! 🙂

  18. Lisa Boulter

    “I’m a Rock and Roll bride as I have broken free of the shackles of a traditional wedding, and gone with ideas my partner and I love.

  19. Paige Newman

    I’m a rock and roll bride because I walk to the beat of my own drum unashamedly. I love diversity and uniqueness and celebrate these things also.

  20. Kim eades

    I’m a Rock and Roll Bride…,,,because im having a rockabilly football wedding……

  21. Sarah Tonks

    I would have loved to see you Kat, but that is my magical wedding day! Eeek! You are an inspiration. Good luck to all you ladies who are entering. ♡ x

  22. Charlotte

    I’m a rock and roll bride because I’m planning a woodland celebration in a cemetery and its the coming together of a navy and police family (his side) and a bunch of hippies (my side)!

  23. Fran Gemson

    I’m a Rock N Roll Bride because I’m not afraid to do my own thing despite all the haters. I celebrate the different in everyone and think your wedding should be all about you two not what everyone wants you to be.

  24. Jules Foreman

    I’m a Rock n Roll Bride because I’ve been getting inspiration for my wedding for years from RNRB, both before and now since becoming engaged!

  25. Holly Clarke

    I’m a Rock n Roll bride because…its not really acceptable to do sex and drugs in public at 3 o’clock in the afternoon!

    p.s. tongue FIRMLY in my cheek before fingers wag! 🙂

  26. Jo Wright

    I’m a Rock n Roll bride cos I’m not getting married in white – and my marriage will be as beautiful as my dress.

  27. Zoe English

    I’m a rock n roll bride because ‘normal’ is just so overrated! Why be beige when you can be a glitter covered rainbow unicorn!

  28. Jessica Davis

    I’m a rock n roll bride coz I’m planning my wedding to my biker fiancé (complete with walking pet balloons) whilst studying for my nursing degree! I also know I must be officially rock n roll coz I recognise half the entrants on here from the Rock n roll group! Good luck ladies! xx

  29. Cheryl G

    I’m a Rock N Roll Bride because I regularly kick-ass (and my fiance’s arse!) at Ju Jitsu and Kobudo and I’m going to take a Tessen down the aisle instead of a bouquet of flowers! 🙂

  30. Katie

    I’m a Rock and Roll bride because I was proposed to YESTERDAY and won’t be walking down the aisle to anything other than Queen. The band, not the actual Queen.

  31. Jennifer Dixon

    I’m a Rock N Roll bride because my wedding is all about Star Wars and giant dinosaur centre pieces and every guest is going to feel the force!

  32. Ann-Marie

    I am a Rock n Roll bride because I do not want the ‘typical’ wedding! I don’t do chair covers, matching, diamantes or flounce! I am laid back and like what I like! I am me and my wedding day will reflect me (and my partner)! I like pink, glitter, tattoos, skulls and pretty flowers and anything else that catches my eye (did I also mention I love shoes and want at least 2 pairs for my wedding day)!!!

  33. Hannah Rogers

    I’m a Rock N Roll Bride because the norm sucks! Every aspect of our wedding reflects us as a couple, not the opinions of our guests (apparently a lot of people aren’t a fan of pizza!?). We’ve jumped on the DIY wagon, with no ghastly chair covers in sight!

  34. I’m a rock ‘n’ roll bride because I’m marrying my band mate, co songwriter, guitar God best friend! Moonshine & Molly the wedding gig 🙂

  35. I’m a Rock N Roll Bride because i love this blog every post make my mind to get married, I love this Blog more than anyone

  36. Rach

    I’m a Rock N Roll Bride because our wedding is going to be different and fun and childish and silly and very us 🙂 normal we are not!

  37. Abee Fellows

    I’m a rock and roll bride because I’m walking down the aisle to Ecstasy in Gold the Metallica version they play at the beginning of their live shows and my dress will be low cut to show my full back piece. Our Boxweiler puppy Harry is also planned to be our ring bearer, and our theme for the wedding is our favorite music X

  38. Trish

    I’m a Rock n Roll bride as firstly my guy proposed at Glastonbury this year (nowhere near the long drops thank the gods). Secondly my man is 6 years younger than me and shares my love for DM’s and 90’s music (indie, brit pop et al) and finally our wedding day will be about commitment,love and one hell of a party shared with our nearest and dearest. There will be no chair covers, toastmaster or chocolate fountain in sight. Oh and did I mention we’ll be in London on the 26th Sept as we’re seeing Florence at Ally Pally on the Friday night…

  39. I am a Rock n’ Roll bride because I am supernaturally followed by Guns N’ Roses’ music. After watching my childhood favorite rock video, November Rain by Guns N’ Roses, I decided to CHOP my wedding dress (was once a very long, boring, a-line dress) to look like Stephanie Seymour’s high-low wedding dress.. very sexy, I might add. I took my dress to famous Vietnamese dress designer Chau Nguyen and he worked his magic on my gown. After many months of cutting, sewing, beading, and squealing (joyously), the dress is done and I am ready to wear it NEXT WEEKEND. Yes, I am getting married next weekend in my glorious dress. During this whole process, I randomly hear November Rain in the background at places like mall parking lots, my work’s mailroom, in cars on the road, etc. It is a true sign.. but it better NOT rain on my wedding day.

  40. Jade

    I am a Rock n’ Roll bride because our full metal wedding will be faster, harder, louder and everything louder than everyone else!

  41. Jess

    I’m a Rock N Roll Bride because I’m already a bride from a last minute, secret elopement after discovering your blog years ago and decided to get married my way, I’m now planning my second wedding/renewal for 2017 involving everyone I love after following the advice you gave me at the Blogcademy Mixer event in London the other year! I’d so love to come and see you speak at the National Wedding Show and meet lots of other lovely exhibitors! Good luck everyone 🙂 x

  42. Sara

    I’m a Rock ‘n Roll Bride, because after finally kicking heart failure in the ass I’m actually going to be able to walk myself down the aisle and dance all night long with everybody I love the most. The soundtrack will be mostly Prince based… The groom has to be cool with that.

  43. Amanda

    I’m a Rock n Roll bride because love can make anything happen! Glittery unicorns at Whitby Abbey? No problem! That’s what Rock n Roll bride is all about.


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