Thursday Treats – 29th July 2010

Credit: Siri Tollerod by Miles Aldridge via Fashion Gone Rogue (God I love this website!) ps this is so me – pink hair, crazy fashion & lots of gorgeous kitties. Yes please!

Today I am getting my sleeve finished! My third and final session. Oh the excitement…and yes, of course I will be posting pictures. Until then, why don’t you keep yourselves busy with this lot?

ps I have to say, the last few weeks have been nuts. Like, crazy busy and submissions coming in left, right and centre. I am eating submissions and awesome weddings for breakfast, lunch and dinner right now. However, it bums me out that I can’t actually physically feature everything I want to anymore. I have to be much more selective about the stuff that ‘makes the cut’ so I’d highly recommend that you check out these links as lots of them are really amazing…I just ain’t got enough time to blog them all properly! Booo…

As well as that, there are just load of lovely links from some of my favourite blogs from all over blog land, all condensed nice and tidily in one place for your viewing pleasure. I insist that you grab a cup of tea and enjoy tout de suite!

♥ Lovely lady Diana
Upcycled design for brides & bridesmaids
♥ {DIY or DIE} The Evolution of Our Homemade Bouquets
♥ I am so in love with this ruffly-lovely cake (scroll down)
♥ A diy & superhero wedding. I LOVE!
Cute cute cute beach engagement
♥ I love Paris in the Summer
Getting inked engagement sesh.
An Etsy wedding – details ahoy!
♥ Jenny & Luc’s do-it-yourself wedding is awesome but just check out this interpretive dance first dance radness. Check out the video below too!

Bloggers: READ THIS! (ps I still need a name for you lot – I want to find a cute name for you lot, Gaga has Little Monsters, Gala has Nonpareils, Carmina has Darklings…what do you want to be called?) 9 Proven Tips For Creating An Extraordinarily Successful Blog [Lady Gaga Edition] 
♥ And this… Look at All this Free Publicly I’m Giving You
♥ Photographers: READ THIS! An open letter to wedding photographers regarding their websites
♥ Save the Dates: Furbaby Edition
♥ A little Rock n Roll gem
80’s inspired wedding (love her dress!)
Feather love is holding an artist’s workshop at her home in San Diego.
♥ These beautiful wedding gowns make my heart a-flutter
♥ Reeeeally really gorgeous circus themed shoot
Western Wedding 
♥ Retro glam – totally hot rockabilly tattooed bride in glasses
♥ I adore these super cute bridal graphics & info about cupcake making!
♥ Oooooh…picnic prettiness

♥ Jenny & Luc’s interpretive dance first dance. I LOVE! ♥

Final Thoughts…

♥ This week I was interviewed for Bring it on Britain – a blog that celebrates people who ‘stare in the face of adversity and who are famous for being eccentric and having curious past times (ha!)’ I was honoured to be asked, so be sure to head over there and see what I had to say about being…well…me!

♥ I was getting super jealous of you fancypants iphoners and that awesome Polaroid app you all have. But low and behold, I just found one for my HTC and it not only does Polaroid style shots but you have the choice to take snaps inspired by other lomographic gorgeousness – the Diana, the Holga AND the Pinhole camera too. Take that iphone! (If any of you other Android users want to download it, it’s called ‘Retro Camera’.)

Anyway, I wanted to show that off and the fact that I’m rocking my very own Rock n Roll Bride tee courtesy of the awesome Wedding Chicks.I love presents! Amy & Jocey have kindly also offered to make them for you if you want one too. They cost just $25. Click the badge below to order (they will contact you after your order is placed for your custom graphic so you can just let them know you want a Rock n Roll Bride one. They have the graphic on file)

I want to see photos of you rocking them too!


  1. Lisa

    Your Thursday treats are my favorite! It is always the first thing I look at when I get home from work! I want to share with you my favorite thing I found on this Thursday with you..because it is pretty rock n’roll.

  2. Post author

    omg lisa that is so rock n roll! i have had people emailing me that all week but its the first time ive had time to sit down and watch it properly. i love!

  3. Can I just say how much I love your Thursday Treats (even though I don’t usually get to read them until Friday morning!) They are delicious little bite-sized chunks of wedding eye-candy loveliness!

  4. Clara

    Ahh thank you so much for the retro camera tip! I get fed up of all the bloody apps for iphone I like that Android is not getting the cool gadgets too!!

  5. Just a thought on the whole name for readers thing…surely if we’re talking Rock ‘n Roll Bride the only appropriate name for a legion of followers is Groupies, no?!

  6. i was guilty and got slapped with the link to “An open letter to wedding photographers regarding their websites” =( ahehehehe

    as my site is very slow to load unfortunately, and yep, i’m doing something about it very soon. Thanks for sharing Kat!


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