Thursday Treats – 1st July 2010

Credit: Georgia Frost by Miles Aldridge via Fashion Gone Rogue

I usually hate blog posts that start of with an apology but I’m going to have to do this myself today. I’m sorry that this week’s Thursday Treats is a bit slimmer on the ground than usual but I have had such a busy week this week! Not only did I have a full day out doing a photo shoot by the beach this week (sneak peek here) but today I’m off giving a talk at the Unveiled Photography Conference (holy EEEK!) today…plus of course keeping on top of email, tweeting like a mad thing and scheduling all this week’s posts in advance has left me kind of pooped.

So I’ve had to sacrifice today’s treats an ickle ickle bit because as I write this I really should be finishing my notes for my speech! I promise next week’s edition will be even bigger and better than before!

♥ Firstly, thanks to Kate Aspen for the lovely blog interview that went up today 
♥ A whimsical and very lovely engagement session
♥ Funky bridal headwear
♥ Super duper creative and colourful wedding
Dancing on the Rooftop
♥ Another fabulousvintage/retro Holga engagement
♥ {We’re Loving} Custom budget wedding rings + gifts!
♥ Super sweet engagement in a bar
Shoulder chains & silver booties
Blogging, Steel-Toes, And Kicking Perfections A$$
Fairytale-inspired love
♥ Bored of the unobtainable ‘perfect’ inspiration boards? Just be yourself!

Rockin’ music inspired favours
A Letter To Men by Christina Hendricks
♥ OMG these non-traditional cake toppers! The second – the blue and pink birds – are too awesome
Non diamond wedding rings I love love LOVE that Vintage Swarovski Bling Ring by jorgensen studio
Feather Love’s own wedding – table camera shots
What to Do When You Offend Your Readers
♥ Sweet raspberry red bridal
Geeky proposal ideas
INCREDIBLE pictures from inside waves. Wow. Via Gala Darling
♥ World record – 110 bridesmaids!
Dark n moody engagement session
♥ Just wow. Some literal Thursday treats! YUM!

(Heart Cake by i am baker)

♥ Sneak Peek! ♥

Max & Margaux’s Sneak Peek #2 from Shark Pig on Vimeo.

♥ A Midsummer Night’s Dream

 ♥ A Dirty Kind of Love


  1. To be honest Kat, I don’t mind that it is shorter. When it is very long I fee overwhelmed and don’t read everything anyway – sorry to admit! But I do love the Thursday Treats 🙂

  2. Ah, thursday treats! The little guitar place stands are fantastic – they will fit in nicely on ouyr tables!!

  3. Once again, I’ve had to catch my treats on a Friday. That’s ok, it makes the start of the weekend even better! x

  4. Keren

    Saved my treats all the way till Tuesday!! Loved Devon and Gloriz wedding video. Enjoying the videos featured on here and making me consider whether to commission one for our wedding. Still terrified of ending up with a two hour epic backed by Handel and Wagner


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