Coming up Tomorrow – ‘Rock n Romance’ A British Seaside Photo Sesh

July 5, 2010

Be sure to pop by tomorrow to see the final results and full report on my ‘Rock n Romance’ photo shoot…stand by for beach huts, awesome shoes, candy floss, lollipops, a silly little hat and crazy Mad Hatter hair.

Can you tell we had an utter blast?!?!?

Credit: Eliza Claire Photography



  1. Post author

    thanks guys! Deer Donna, yep they do. they once reworked a brides mother’s wedding dress so she could wear it for her wedding 🙂 lovely!

  2. Love this shoot, and I have soft spot (not too soft though as I am evil) for Ashton JP work. Love these pictures – and now you have the perfect images to send out on your Xmas cards *big ass nudge*. Gorgeous work, and after seeing Gareth trying out the wedding clothes in Birmingham – and this I think he is at risk of turning into a bit of a diva!


  3. Post author

    lets hope so too charlie! thanks again for the beautiful signs. cant wait to put my xmas decorations up in our house now!

  4. fur coat no knickers have done an AMAZING job on that dress. do they customise dresses from afar? i would love to buy a vintage dress and get it reworked by them!

    p.s. the photos are truly gorgeous. ashton is amazing. what gorgeous shots. i loooove christmasss!!! <33333333

  5. So bloody amazing! I adore the photos,the styling, the dress, the hair… everything! I hope the BBC show gets a good audience, ‘cos frankly, these NEED to be seen! Thanks so much for including some of my stuff too! 😀 xx

  6. The colour in these shots is amazing, I just love them.
    Congratulations on getting into the dress too. I recently found a 50’s prom dress in a really similar colour – it’s at the dressmakers now getting some tlc. I am definitley going to email her now and ask if she can add some coloured tulle underneath!!

  7. Hi Kat, thanks for including us on here! it’s rather apt actually, as Nicolas who works for us, and is our longest serving employee, is also deaf, he was the one who made the sign for you (the second time around!) so that’s quite a nice connection for the program….will tell him when it’s on! x

  8. I Wish Ashton all the success in the world, these are wonderful images. Hope the TV apperance leads to more and more brilliant shoots like this x x kat n gareth, as ever looking super hot 🙂

  9. That dress looks good on you!! and the shot of gareth doing the jump is top…is he a real rocknroll star??

  10. Jessica

    You and Gareth are such mega babes! The picture of you guys blowing snowflakes at each other is priceless!

  11. Karlie

    I’m absolutely jealous of this wedding shoot! Everything is so original! If I had something like this I’d post it on Facebook and send it to everyone in my contact list

  12. These are amaaaaazing! What gorgeous colors – actually sort of reminds me of what I looked like at our church wedding but way more awesome. I want to steal that dress from you! ;P And the one of Gareth jumping is pretty darn epic. I love the milk bottle ones too! I love all of it! Very talented photographer, these are all stunning.

  13. I LOVE film photography. Nice to see Gareth in some photos, and you look absolutely gorgeous! Amazingly beautiful photos!

  14. oh thats totally awesome kat, because i would love to buy a vintage dress and have it reworked. argh! sooo exciting!

  15. Louisa

    Very complementary write up Kat, Ashton just loves shoting, he captures every aspect of his subjects and brings them to life, I’m an extremely proud mum. <3

  16. I hope you dont mind me saving some of these pics you just so happen to be wearing the exact vision of what i imagine my bridesmaids should wear – thank you! for giving me an actual photo!

  17. ashamed to say i’ve only just managed to look at all the pics, but so worth the wait as they are lush!!! Ashton is a friend of mine from Uni days, a great guy with an fab talent, you all clearly had loads of fun on this shoot! can’t wait to see it all on tv now! x

  18. These images are absolutely gorgeous! Such a fab shoot & yes, that photo of Gareth is tres cool! Can’t wait to see the BBC show ~ Ashton deserves all the recognition & success coming his way.


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