Thursday Treats – 3rd June 2010

Credit: Marike Le Roux by Beau Grealy for Flair magazine May 2010

This week has all been about catching up, getting focused and mulling over new blog ideas. It’s exciting and I love it! However I always need my daily dose of pretty to keep me going and this is what I’ve been lusting over the past 7 days.

♥ First up, considering I feature people’s weddings and photo shoots for a living, I got surprisingly excited when UK blog Love my Dress asked if she could feature my wedding! Looking back, our wedding was perfect for us back then, but if we were to get married again I know we’d do it totally differently. I spend my days surrounded by the most unique and crazy-original wedding ideas so it’s impossible not to think about how we’d do things differently now! Can you believe my hair wasn’t even pink!? Our wedding was actually quite classic. We had a black and white theme and although we certainly added a few Rock n Roll and personal touches it definitely wasn’t the most ‘out-there’ wedding in the world…but hey, it was perfect for us at that stage of our lives. Our wedding was the perfect reflection of the 2008 Kat & Gareth and our lives now are what’s important – we are the perfect reflection of a 2010 Kat & Gareth! Anyway self-doubt over…I always think that If we hadn’t have got married 2 years ago in the way that we did then Rock n Roll Bride wouldn’t have been born – imagine that!? Go check out MY WEDDING over at Love My Dress! (but be sure to come back for the rest of today’s treats…)


♥ An urban farm wedding!
♥ A gorgeous centrepiece idea
Anemone and ranunculas and an amazing ruffled dress 
♥ Why does my work ‘nook’ not look like this?
This light is just way too beautiful
Confessions of a Young Married Couple
Adorable Southern wedding
Super Naughty and super sexy Catholic school girl fashion shoot!{probably NSFW} Check out the accompanying video below too…
Beautiful light. Beautiful hair.
Vivienne is mad and I love her

Do you offer discounts? fyi – the answer is no and you shouldn’t either!
Music Lover Gift Ideas  I want!
I’m starting to really fancy men with beards
Beautiful flowers
Legoland (miniature) wedding chapel
Creating the Illusion
Bikes, backdrops & checked shirts
It’s A Big Deal To Your Clients
♥ Beautiful and fun Brighton beach wedding
Fuchsia and Navy Colour Inspiration  I seem to have a real ‘thing’ for flowers at the moment!
I totally don’t care that this cake is photo shopped. I want to eat it right now!

The virgin suicides
Eco friendly gorgeousness
Super Cute Facebook Wedding Cookies
Cute steampunk details and an awesome bridal hat
Moira’s second dress {wow}
♥ THE most incredible handmade wedding dress I’ve seen in a looooong time
The Value of “So What?”
Creative and beautiful woodland engagement session
The illustrated lady
Totally loving this ‘crazy booth’

Bizarre and wacky kitchen gadgets
♥ Mucho adorable proposal story ( part 2 here) Congrats Alana & Rhys!
♥ This week I have fallen in love with Abilu Creations, especially my new pink plectrum necklace
Oh holy pinky tulle hotness! Thanks Chanelle!
♥ Christina & Leo. I’m loving the boudoir-esque shots!
Loving this diy/eco wedding especially those diy fabric flowers!
A Bright + Fun San Francisco City Hall Wedding
♥ I don’t know what I love more – this bride’s gorgeous vintage dress or this groom’s amazing mint green suit!

♥ The lovely girls at Luella’s Boudoir sent me something very special and cute in the post this week – personalised Rock n Roll Bride knickers! They are made by Elle and Cee and if you want you’re very own pair they can be purchased from Luella’s online boutique. You can choose from a selection of colours of chiffon or satin and order set designs. However if you want your very own personalised pair (or even a pair that say ‘Rock n Roll Bride’ too!) they can be ordered directly from Luella’s Boudoir by calling 0208 8879 7744. I love them! You can see more photos of my new knickers here (and see how Henry helped me unpack them!) ps sorry my camera/these photos are so crap. I really need to get myself an SLR pronto…

♥ Check this out – one of the most adorable engagement videos I’ve seen in a long while from BRAND new San Francisco based film company What We Do

♥ This is the cutest thing I’ve seen all week ♥

Sexy catholic school girl fashion shoot set to the musical stylings of Marylin Manson? I approve! ♥

Numero #114 Miranda Kerr from Greg Kadel Studios on Vimeo.

Yeah this week has be FUN! But roll on next week because I’m getting my tattoo finished!


  1. I’m totally with Jos on the cake, I’ve made one similar to that before, what a cool idea for a wedding cake, I would never have though of that!

    I loved looking at the pics and story of your wedding. It’s our 5th anniversary of our first date in November, I’m keeping my fingers crossed but am not hopeful for my rock! It was right for you guys at the time, although I always think, I’m going to have to have 4 weddings just to be able to do all the cool things you can do at weddings these days! Maybe you should have a renewal of vows or something in a few years and make it totally Rock n Roll!

  2. Laura

    Glad my boss is working from home today – another great Friday morning skive! The urban farm wedding is just glorious, and think I may go and get me a Paloma Faith album this weekend.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the cake.

    Amd that Muppets video is from the end of the Muppets Take Manhatten = AMAZING film! Another highlight from it is MIss Piggy chasing a robber on rollerskates!

  4. Stephanie

    You don’t need to have any doubts about your wedding. The photos are amazing and as you’ve said, it was perfect for you guys as you were in 2008. Weddings don’t need to be totally out there, and just because you write about alternative weddings and love all things alternative, it doesn’t mean that your own wedding is lacking by not incorporating every single alternative idea, if that makes sense. It’s all about doing what is right for you. Whether that is changing the colour of the sash on your dress, wearing some funky non-traditional shoes, feeling strongly about feminist issues such as whether to be given away/change your name/do a joint speech, or completely turning all traditions on their head and getting married in black in a castle on halloween, it doesn’t matter and you have nothing to prove to anybody. All that matters is that it feels right for you. I’m getting married in August and some things are very different to British traditions – home made red dress, not changing name or being given away, giving a joint speech and catering the whole thing vegan, whilst others aren’t so out there at all – our parents are still doing a line up as they want to meet everyone (we’ll be having personal photos during it), my Dad is still doing FOTB speech, we’re having bridesmaids and a best man, and we’re still going through with marriage which is the biggest tradition of the lot. And did I mention cake? Another tradition (which I am MORE than happy to keep!)

    Don’t worry about how things are different now to how they were. Nobody is judging you, and getting married off the beaten path isn’t an ‘all or nothing’ thing.

    Keep up the good work. I’m so happy for you with regards to how things are developing with this blog. It’s amazing and inspiring and I love reading it.

  5. Great post Kat! Links to some intelligent and helpful blog articles that I never would have seen. Thank you xx

  6. Totally forgot to say… Your wedding and you were BEAUTIFUL!! What an amazing day you had!! I think all of us marrieds would like to try something different in hindsight (I would love a relaxed summer country affair- opposite to our snowy christmas wedding!) but nothing in the world would be better than the memories we already have hey? Xxxxxxxxx

  7. Post author

    oh its REAL! conner i thought it was photoshopped cos it looks so YUMMY and colourful! i want a cake like that, yummers

  8. Thank you once again for including us in your thursday treats! And, Kat, never shouda- coulda- woulda your wedding it will drive you crazy. 🙂 wedding trends come and go but the love of your life, the fun, family and friends that surrounded you on your wedding day will stay true forever. 🙂 cheesy chiché but the truth!
    (oddly enough we didn’t even hire a photographer for our wedding- can you believe it- I use to regret that tremendously, but I have one photo I ADORE and it makes me so happy.) No regrets.
    Just buy your self a new dress and have a rad dinner party in any style you want.


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