Thursday Treats – 10th June 2010

June 10, 2010

Credit: via Loveshot

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the week again – Thursday Treats BABY! As you read this I will again be sat in that tattooist’s chair being all brave and getting my sleeve (hopefully) finished. I can’t wait to get there and I can’t wait to share it with you even more! It’s going to be epic. If you fancy a sneaky peek the check out this photo I snapped on my phone and tweeted the other day – yes that is a roll of film!

See you on the other side my friends…in the meantime, enjoy munching through this week’s tasty selection

♥ Thanks to the lovely Hi Fi Weddings for including me in their ‘Meet the Inspiration’ feature this week
♥ Also big thanks to Rachel Simpson of Rachel Simpson shoes for the lovely interview
♥ AND to Maker-Online for the interview as well – boy I don’t half get around do I?!
Dear Mainstream Wedding World: I’m Checking Out. Why? Why? Why? Britt I love you and your originality. Screw the haters!
Budgets are all relative and relatively irrelevant.
Chickens & the coolest casual bouquet I’ve seen
Cutest couple ever?!
Another stunning and fun boudoir session by French photographer Anissa Rahali
Grownup ring pops!
SERIOUSLY awesome but kinda gross ‘horror’ stationary don’t look if you are of a nervous disposition, but omg I would love it if someone had this as their wedding stationary!
♥ Totally stunning ‘Pink Flower Room Spray’ art installation
♥ This charming (and kick ass) diy/tattoo heavy wedding is AMAZING!

Madonna for Louis Vuitton raw and unretouched. Normal people REJOICE! 
Incredible dresses!
♥ Sugalily’s amazing new ‘Rock Chick’ stationary range
Land o’ Love I have such wedding envy!
♥ Gorgeous vintage indie wedding (and part 2)
Photographer Krista Keltanen
Achemy at the Barn
Retro Chic
Bethany’s gorgeous bridals
Hello Kitty Porcelain Figurines Sorry but I approve!
♥ Real (and totally gorgeous) Vintage Wedding Gowns
Mod-tastic Real (Yellow) Wedding – Check out his moustache socks!

A yellow dress, a dog, poppies, pinecones, and a secret garden
One way, All the way gorgeous Lamo inspired shoot
This art by Edith Lebeau is incredible
Wittnauer Champion 
Why I love balloons
Backyard Brooklyn wedding
♥ Before & after: desk + dresser
Pomp & Plumage
♥ So Your EnGAYged asks: Why Marriage?
A Stich in time

Scrabble, pom poms and a big yellow (bowed) clutch bag
Merrily in Love
♥ I love this wide mesh veil
Sweet Stockholm Wedding
Emma Case interviews Noa from Featherlove Photography
Polaroid stylee photo booth fun
Classic and beautiful New Jersey wedding
♥ One of my favourite Gala Darling outfits, like, ever ! Psychedelic 1950s schoolteacher chic

♥ Damn I love Monachetti’s wedding videos! ♥

Denaye and David from Monachetti on Vimeo.